4 Modernizations


The 4 Modernization were put into progress after the death of Mao Zedong, and were set by Zhou Enlai. It is supposed to boost Agriculture, Industry, Science, and Defense. This was good because it made Class Struggle no longer the general focus.

Tiananmen Square Massacre

The Tiananmen Square Massacre was a series of protests that happened in 1969. It happened because of people wanting Democracy. Every day, they paraded around Tiananmen Square asking for Democracy. One day, the Government decided they had enough, and rolled into the Square. The people crowded around what was called "The Goddess of Democracy." The Government had to leave to escape the fighting, but they next day they came and and crushed and shot anyone who was in their way. The aftermath was nothing but a bloody mess.

Deng Xiaoping

Deng Xiaoping was a Communist Leader and one of the most powerful people in the People's Republic of China. He abandoned many Communist Ways and used a free-enterprise system. He restored the country to Domestic Stability after the Cultural Revolution. He also made new economic policies that allowed more free trade. This led to a peace treaty with Japan, improved relations with the USSR, official recognition with the US, and return control of the British Colony of Hong Kong.

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