Pamlico Sound

The largest estuary

The Pamlico Sound is one of the largest attractions on the outer banks. The Pamlico is the largest lagoon along the North American East Coast, extending 129 km (80 mi) long and 24 to 48 km wide. It is part of a large interconnected network lagoon of estuaries. Together these sounds known as the Albemarle-Pamlico sound system. Estuaries are important natural places providing goods and services that are economically and ecologically indispensable. Estuaries provide good feeding habitats for many aquatic plants and animals. The water draining into the pamlico comes from Eastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia, from the chowan, roanoke, pasquotank, pamlico, and neuse river, from marshes, swamps, forest, and grasslands. Aquatic animals living in the pamlico are blue crabs, oysters, and trout. We are slowing threatening the pamlico with our pollution from boats on the water and just us humans not cleaning up the beach part like we should.



Beautiful Estuary

The pamlico Sound is a very beautiful lagoon with very many pretty sights and very beautiful blue water .

Here are some images of the palmico Sound