Sault Ste Marie

The most beautiful place to live

PLACE- What is it like there

Sault Ste Marie is truly one of the most beautiful cities on the Great Lakes. Home to the famous Sault Locks, Sault Ste Marie is world famous for its people and great fudge.

Pics of Salt Ste Marie

Location- Where is it?

Sault Ste Marie is located in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Sault Ste Marie is also a city separating Lake Superior and four lower Great Lakes.

Movement- Why do people live there?

People might live in Sault Ste Marie because of the yummy food there, but most of the movement in Sault Ste Marie is because of the Sault Locks. The Great Lakes aren't the same level so instead of having the boat risk the drop, they made a lock which helps lower the boat into the lower level of water.
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Region- What do two places have in common?

Sault Ste Marie as almost the same weather as the rest of the upper peninsula accept it might not get some of the same weather on the west side of the upper peninsula