Panama Canal

Why did Roosevelt wan control of the Panama Canal?


President Theodore Roosevelt was thinking for the country when he wanted to gain control of the canal, it would make it faster for trace so they didn't have to go all the way around South America, and it would also increase our financial profit.

What and when?

The Panama Canal is a water way through land that ships can pass through instead of going all the way around South America. This Canal was finished in August of 1914, 101 years ago from now.


President Roosevelt was seeking control of the Panama Canal for about three reasons. He wanted to increase America's financial profit because people had to pay a lot of money to get through the canal. He also wanted control because, he wanted to increase the speed of trade to make the United States more popular for trade. Lastly he thought it would increase national security by, helping the Navy cross faster so they could get to their destination faster.

U.S.S. Maine

The U.S.S. Maine was the reason we wanted control of the canal because it got blown up and started the Spanish-American War. We wanted it to increase our national security.