Simonton Parent Newsletter

Friday, October 22, 2021

Every Student, Every Day, Deserves to Learn, Lead, & Excel!

Message from Ms. Perkins

It has been a busy week with lots of schedule changes. Thankfully we will be back on our regular schedule next week.

Thank you to all of the parents who took the time to visit for parent conferences. We appreciate your support as we work together to support your child's academic progress.

Our Simonton ES PTA fundraiser was a huge success. The PTA raised more than $29,000 dollars. Stay tuned for more information about the delivery of purchased items and the date of the pizza and game truck celebration.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Great things are happening at Simonton!

Pre-K Highlight:

Video of Pre-K students on their Digital Learning Day:

SES 2021-2022 Yearbook

Our 2021-2022 Simonton Yearbook is now on sale for $23.00 through MyPayments Plus.

If you do not have a MyPayments Plus account and would like to still purchase one, please contact the school.

Upcoming Events:

October 25-29

  • Red Ribbon Week

October 28

  • 5th Grade Skate Night ~ 5:00-7:00 pm

October 29

  • PTA Halloween Hair

October 30

  • Saturday Intervention ~ 9:00-11:00 am

November 4

  • Fall Picture Retake
  • Literacy Night ~ 5:30-7:00 pm

November 6

  • Saturday Intervention ~ 9:00-11:00 am

November 9

  • Digital Learning Day #3

November 11

  • PTA Spirit Night at Sparkles ~ 5:00-9:00 pm

November 22-26

  • Thanksgiving Break
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PTA Reflections Winners

Congratulations to the following students who submitted artwork for the PTA Reflections Contest this year! Each student did a phenomenal job!
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Our Next PTA event...

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Our retake Day was scheduled for Friday, October 15th. Lifetouch rescheduled this event for Thursday, November 4th. If your child(ren) are in need of having their pictures retaken, please mark this date change on your calendar. Our Lifetouch pictures will be featured in this year's yearbook!

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Simonton ES Safety Patrols

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PBIS Students of the Weeks

Congratulations to the following students!!
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AKS at Home is a Gwinnett County Public Schools’ family engagement initiative that empowers parents with tools to support the learning of their children at home. This initiative highlights foundational skills and activities taught in the areas of Math and Language Arts for grades K-5.


We invite all our families of students in K-5 grades to sign up for our AKS at Home virtual sessions.

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The application for free and reduced lunch is still available. If you received this service last year, and you feel you still qualify, you must complete an application again this year.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Frequently Asked Questions about free and reduced lunch

Parent e-Tips:

Healthy snack choices encourage positive food habits
Healthy food is fuel for growing bodies and brains. To help your child learn to make nutritious food choices, create an "anytime" shelf in your refrigerator. Stock it with a selection of healthy foods such as carrot sticks, broccoli "trees," cheese, chunks of melon and raisins. Then allow your child to help himself from this shelf any time he is hungry. He'll like choosing, and you'll know he's making healthy choices.

Clear, consistent discipline mixed with lots of love is the recipe for good behavior

Kids don't always behave as adults would like. To improve your child's behavior, keep these guidelines in mind: Emphasize what you want your child to do, rather than what you don't want. Say what you mean, and stick to it. Then when misbehavior happens, use consequences that relate to your child's actions. Pay more attention to what your child does right than to mistakes, and always show your love.

Routines are stability your child can count on

A feeling of security gives children the courage to face challenges. For most kids, that sense of security comes from feeling loved. It also comes from knowing that some things don't change, such as certain family routines. Set regular times for bed, meals, reading and studying. When schedules must change, let your child know how and why.

Teachers' tips can make a big difference in your child's learning

What do teachers wish that families would do to help their students be successful in school? Simple things: Set firm standards. Read to your child. Attend parent-teacher conferences. Communicate often with the teachers, and give them lots of information about your child's interests, strengths and weaknesses. When you team up with the teachers, you improve your child's chance of school success.

Strengthen skills that improve social interactions

Swooping in and saving your child from social challenges won't help her learn to navigate them. Instead, develop her social survival skills. When she describes a social situation, ask questions like, "What did you do next?" This tells your child that she can act to affect the outcome of social interactions.

Your child has the power to make a difference

October 23 is Make a Difference Day. It's a day to help your child do something that will make a difference in your neighborhood, your community or even the nation, and boost self-esteem at the same time. Help your child come up with a list of things your family can do. Children often feel powerless. By helping your child take action, you'll prove that kids can make a difference.

Get your child's attention when giving directions

Does your child seem forgetful, absent-minded or irresponsible when you give directions? An ability to focus on instructions and carry them out is important to his school success. To help him concentrate, reduce distractions when you speak to him. Turn off the TV. Say things like "I know it's hard for you to pay attention, but I need to see your eyes when I'm talking to you." Then keep your instructions short.

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Mystery Science Videos:

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Simonton Elementary ~ What We Stand For


Simonton is committed to dynamic high quality instruction resulting in a passion for learning, leading and excelling.

Core Belief

Every Student Every Day, Deserves to Learn, Lead, and Excel


  • We commit to giving our students a fresh start every day.

  • We commit to preparing quality and engaging lessons that will prepare our students to be successful in school.

  • We commit to teaching, modeling and holding our students accountable for appropriate school behavior.

  • We commit to providing our students with a structured and safe learning environment.

  • We commit to a great year of learning, leading, and excelling

Simonton Elementary School

Superintendent- Dr. Calvin J. Watts

Assistant Superintendent- Dr. Terry Watlington

Board Member- Mr. Steven B. Knudsen

Principal- Tamara G. Perkins

Assistant Principal- Tifferney Dodd

Assistant Principal- Daphne Miles

Assistant Principal- Emily Young