Prepare for the July 2021 Rollover

How to Save Teacher Markups from Year to Year

What is a Rollover?

The July Rollover is when DBQ Online archives student work, teacher classes, and assignments to protect student data. This happens on July 1 unless your District has requested otherwise, in which case it will happen later in the summer.

What is Saved After the Rollover?

ONLY TEMPLATES will be saved from year to year!

When you save an assignment as a template, the following customizations will be saved:

  1. The pages of the unit you've selected
  2. All additional supports (guided essay, audio tool, etc)
  3. All annotations made in Teacher Markup Mode

Note: Only Annotations created in Teacher Markup Mode will save from year to year.

How to Add and Edit Teacher Markups for an Assignment

Watch Short Screencast about Teacher Templates

This screencast will demonstrate how to save assignment to Template section in DBQ Online.

Saving, Editing, and Assigning Templates (click on each image to see detailed instructions)

A summary on the Assignment Templates Section

This section is found at the bottom of your Classes & Assignments page. See the below image for further details.
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