Savannah Lakes Elementary

The Ideal School

Where is SLE?

Savannah Lakes Elementary School is part of Alvin ISD and it is located in Rosharon, TX. It currently has approximately 920 students.


Alvin ISD will invest in evolving technology and maintaining existing infrastructure in order to promote student/technology engagement in the teaching and learning process.
The district will provide technology that supports efficient administrative, district support, and teaching activities. Technology professional development and training opportunities for personnel will be emphasized. Each of the classrooms in Alvin ISD boasts its own smart boards for the students to use. In our school, we have two computer labs and 3 laptops carts that students and teachers may use at any time.

Efficacy of Leadership

SLE has 1 principal and 1 assistant principal. Though our school has not been recognized, our STAAR test scores have been improving since the school opened.

School Safety

Safety is our schools number one priority. Below are our school procedures and rules that teachers and visitors must adhere to each and everyday:

ID Badge- All Alvin ISD employees must wear their ID badge when they are in school property. The badge must be facing the front so that everyone is able to see your picture and name. Any person walking around without a badge must be stopped in the hallway and asked for credentials.

Raptor ID- All visitors MUST go to the front office and sign in. They are to give their driver's license and they will be given a sticker badge to go to their intended room. The visitors will not be allowed to come down to the classroom, when the teacher is teaching, unless they have permission to do so.


Car Riders- All car riders stay inside the building and are called outside when their cars approach the front drive of the school. Teachers are outside to load them into their cars.

Bus Riders- Bus riders wait for their busses in their designated hallways. There are 2 teachers ensuring that the students are safe while waiting. We also make sure to check each and every students' names off a list before they get into their bus.

Walkers/Bikers- Walkers are accompanied by numerous teachers who walk them from inside the building and help them cross the street. All teachers are always watching to make sure that the students get to their parents, who are waiting on the other side, safely.

Controlled Access- All external doors are locked from the outside and only teachers and other Alvin ISD employees who work in the school have a key card that can give them access to the school. Any other employee or visitors who does not have a key card must go to the front office.

Locked doors- All of the classroom and office doors must be locked at all times. In case of an emergency, the teacher can just close the door without worrying about locking it first.

Safety procedures- All teachers and students go through a series of practice so that each and everyone know what needs to be done in case of an emergency. We have gone through a severe weather drill, fire drill, and what my students call "bad person drill".


Our school currently has 19, 892 students. 43.9% are Hispanic, 30.4% white, 14.7% African American, 8.6% Asian, 1.8% Multi racial, 0.4% Native American, and 0.1% Pacific Islander.

Community Involvement

I am very proud of our community involvement. Our bilingual team has been working very hard to teach our bilingual parents the proper way of reading to their children: asking the right questions, checking comprehension, etc. We also have our Community in Schools which provide our students with free meals that they take home every Fridays and help them with homework when needed, just to name a few things. Our campus holds Family Academic Night and Fine Arts Night every year that parents are welcome to come in and join. We asked parents to come and read to the classes whenever they get a chance. Kinder- 2nd grade classrooms also ask our parent volunteers to be a part of Junior Achievement. Our parents also get weekly newsletters to let them know what is happening in our school and in our community.

Interactive Instruction and Student Monitoring Progress

The Engaged Learning Model in Alvin ISD represents our core beliefs. We believe positive, appropriate relationships form the foundation of everything we do. We believe designing engaging lessons begin with considering our students and their unique skills and interest which leads to more profound learning. Aligning the work we design to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) will lead to higher levels of student achievement.

Students' progress is always monitored. Every nine weeks, we meet with our academic coaches and our principal to monitor if our students have gained knowledge or if there's anything that we need to be concerned about. Those students that are continuously showing regression, we keep a close eye on and put in our PST process.