By Dominic Mullany


A fertile low-lying grassy plain found commonly in Ireland and Scotland.


Machair is actually pronounced maxir or machar.
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(Imagine what would happen in a flood!)

Name History

-Machair is a Gaelic word meaning "Fertile Plain"

-In Scotland, some speakers use the word Machair as a term for a dune system.

-The word Machair was used by naturalists since 1926, but was adopted by scientists in 1940.

Interesting facts about Machairs

-The inner side of a Machair is often wet or marshy, and may contain lochs.

-She'll fragments are rolled by waves towards the shore, where they are broken up further. The small fragments are blown up the beach to form hillocks.

-Machairs can house rare carpet flowers, such as orchids.

-Many birds are found in Machairs.

Why you should go see one of the Machairs.

Not only is there amazing weather, but Machairs have many beautiful flowers that carpet the area as well!. With those plants come extravagant birds. Machairs are almost extinct because of water rising and the low sea levels they are at. Come to Ireland or Scotland to see Machairs before there are no more!
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