The Monkey and The Tiger

Anna Robb

The moral in the story is that you cant trust everybody.

Once upon a time, there was a monkey named Max. The monkey was very lonely because he lived in a jungle with barely any animals. One day a tiger named Thomas came to his tree. "Hey you, monkey! You look very lonely. Do you want to come on an adventure with me?" Thomas asked. Max, who was very lonely agreed to the adventure. Thomas and Max traveled days and nights. Thomas provided just enough food and drinks to keep Max fed. One night Thomas was asleep and he whispered out, " the monkey will get fat and I will eat him." Max overheard him and got scared, but Max was smart, and he thought of a master plan. The next morning Max told Thomas that he was hungry. So, Thomas went out to look for food. When Thomas came back, he couldn't find Max. "3,2,1," max said in his head. At that moment Max jumped on Thomas's head and Thomas passed out. Then Max left. On his way home, Max met a girl monkey named Mary.They instantly fell in love and lived the rest of their life together.
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The theme is not to trust everyone. Even in this picture, I wouldn't trust the guy on the other side.