Pirates 101:All About Pirates

The Number One Guide Of Pirates

What Are Pirates??

A pirate is a person who attacks and robs ships. Most pirates were men, but a few women also became pirates. There are many adventure stories about pirates, but piracy was actually a well-organized business . In the 19th and 20th centuries,piracy was wiped out by many sea powers.

Some Of The Most Famous Pirates

Francis Le Clerc , Anne Bonny, Edward Teach a.k.a Black Beard

Francis was one of the first pirates on the Spanish Main.He was a fierce and cunning pirate who was dubbed "Peg Leg" because he had a wooden leg. Francis usually raided towns along the island of Hispaniola (Cuba). One time he seized the port of Havana and demanded a huge sum of money for it. Francis didn't get the money so he burned down the town, all the ships in the harbor, and the country side.

Anne Bonny is probably the most famous female pirate to sail the Spanish Main. She was a ruthless plunderer, raider, and menace to the sea faring vessels in the Caribbean Sea. She is commonly referred to as "Toothless Annie".Anne was the only female pirate aboard Jack Rackham's ship. Mary Reed was another woman disguised as a man and soon she and Annie became friends. The two told Jack Rackham their secret and the three of them inflicted terror and pandemonium throughout the Caribbean for almost a year.

Edward Teach is probably the most famous pirate to ever live. He is more commonly known as the fearsome and bloodthirsty pirate, Blackbeard.While he was in Jamaica, Blackbeard served as a privateer under the command of Captain Benjamin Hornigold. While working for Hornigold, Blackbeard commanded his first vessel, which was a sloop. Soon he captured a French merchant vessel and named it Queen Anne's Revenge

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