Updated COVID19 Mitigation Guidance

January 10, 2022

Naperville 203 Parents & Guardians,

Our state and local health departments, as well as the Illinois State Board of Education, have updated their Isolation & Quarantine Guidance for School Settings to reduce isolation and quarantine periods to five days for individuals who test positive for COVID-19, or who are considered a close contact. As a result, Naperville 203 will implement the updated guidance.

Parents and guardians who believe their student’s isolation or quarantine can be shortened as a result of the updated guidance should contact their school’s health office. Students should not report to school prior to the conclusion of their original return date without clearance from their school’s health office. Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 can only end isolation after five full days if they are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication, and other symptoms have improved.

The process for reporting new COVID-19 positive cases, close contacts status or the onset of COVID-19 symptoms has not changed. Please keep your students home and contact their school’s health office in any of these scenarios. As always, please continue to monitor students for COVID-19 symptoms and keep them home if they are sick.

Today’s announcement does not change the state of Illinois’ mask requirement for anyone inside school buildings. The Governor’s indoor mask mandate for school is still in effect until further notice.

According to the CDC, the changes to isolation/quarantine lengths were made, in part, because research is showing that COVID-19 transmission occurs early in the course of infection. The CDC says, “Infectiousness peaks around one day before symptom onset and declines within a week of symptom onset.”

“Isolation” is the term used by the CDC to encourage sick people with a contagious disease to separate from people who are not sick. “Quarantine,” as defined by the CDC, separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick.

Thank you for your continued support of our students and teachers. It’s been an incredibly difficult year, but we will continue to push forward together.


Dan Bridges

Superintendent of Schools

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