Masters Of Nine All Male-Competition

City Wide Competition: Seatte, Eastside, Westside, Northend and Southend

Who Rocks The Whole Nine Yards?  Compete for title, prizes, money, awards, reality show, calendar and more for the best of the best nine.  Are you the next Mr. Nine & Fine and The Masters of Nine?  Qualifications: Good looks, body style/fitness, rhythm & strut, exotic and seductive moves on stage, great sense of humor/personality, best talent/or coolest job, dapper/fly dresser and can whip up or set up the best romantic/sexy date, lip smackin and heart melting dish.  Sign up today for upcoming spectacular showcase competition in the pacific northwest.  Must be 21 and over with valid I.D. and can pass a criminal background check.  For more information contact Marlena at 425-279-3906 or at and like us on facebook.  Mr. Nine & Fine.

Saturday, Oct. 6th 2012 at 8pm

To Be Announced