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September & October 2017


Welcome to the Wheeling High School Student Services Flyer! Here you will find updates on what has been going on in student services, what is coming up, important dates to look out for, and other useful information for you from the student services department. Thanks!
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What's Happening?

September: September was a busy and productive month for student services. Counselors met with the seniors during Future Planning to talk about applying to college, financial aid, scholarships, and discuss other resources available to students to help with the college process. On September 6th, we had Senior Parent Night to give helpful information on the college selection process and admission procedures. September 25th through the 29th was "senior week" filled with college representative visits, FSA ID creation, and on-site applying to Harper and National Louis University. Freshman Future Planning took place during freshman biology classes where counselors gave our freshman an introduction to the school and student services, graduation requirements, and information on how to be successful during the next 4 years.

October: Counselors started October off by going into junior history classes for Future Planning. Juniors checked their transcripts to ensure they were on the right path to graduation, explored options for their future, learned about the electives available to them and began the college search process in family connections. On October 3rd, counselors hosted after school "College Chat" where seniors came to work on their college applications, create FSA IDs, and receive one on one assistance in the application process.

FAFSA Completion Nights: October 10th at WHS at 6:30 PM & 7:45 PM in English, and October 11th in Spanish. October 26th, Thursday FAFSA completion (day program) 10-2PM- See Ms. Amador-Zapata.

Groups: Counselors and specialists have been working to get our groups for the school year up and running. Specialists have been working hard in supporting our students in their social-emotional lives both through individual and group settings. Starting second quarter on Wednesday October 18th, counselors and counseling interns will be running an AP Student Support Group. The goal of this group is to support AP students by focusing on stress management, study and organizational skills for college-level classes, and time management.

AVID Updates

Ms. Rojas and Ms. Wanner have been going into senior AVID classes each week to provide information and work with students on college applications and the financial aid process. Ms. Rojas, Ms. Mugler, and Ms. Wanner visited AVID classes Friday, October 6th to lead discussions and activities surrounding technology and social media use.


We understand how valuable each day of classroom instruction is for your students. We thank you for your flexibility in allowing counselors to come into your classrooms. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

- WHS Counselors & Interns

What's Next?

During the rest of October, student services will be continuing junior Future Planning in U.S. History classes and will begin running the AP Student Support Group. During Sophomore English classes, specialists and counselors will deliver "Signs of Suicide" (SOS) on October 25th and October 26th all day. Starting in November, we will have Sophomore Future Planning in the English classes on November 1st and November 2nd.

Important Dates


  • AP Student Group: Begins October 18th during the lunch periods
  • SOS "Signs of Suicide": October 25th and 26th in Sophomore English classes, all day.
  • Career Nights: Wednesday, October 18th at Rolling Meadows High School- Engineering & Industrial Technology and Business & Computers
  • Harper College Open House: Thursday, October 12th 5-7:30 PM at Harper College in the Wojcik Conference Center.
  • October 26th, Thursday FAFSA completion (day program) 10-2PM- See Ms. Amador-Zapata.


  • Sophomore Future Planning: November 1st (periods 1-5) & November 2nd (periods 6-9)
  • SNOWBALL: Saturday, November 11th
  • Advising the Student-Athlete Night: Monday, November 20th at 7:00 PM - Forest View Educational Center (FVEC)
2017-2018 Alignment

Click HERE & you will find the 2017-2018 student services alignment.


Click HERE for the Fall 2017 Senior Parent Newsletter from Ms. Amador-Zapata

Career Advising

Wheeling High School has a career advisor that can help students think through their career goals. Students can stop by Student Services and ask for Ms. Czulno to set up a time to talk. Career advising can help students work through skills assessments/interest areas, assist them in thinking about local apprenticeship programs, and help them figure out what they might want to study in advanced education. The district also offers internships to allow students the opportunity for hands-on learning and insight into their career focus area. Ms. Czulno also teams up with faculty to coordinate career treks with local organizations so that students can observe occupations in person. Interested in engineering? Students are encouraged to obtain a permission slip for our career trek to Forest View Education Center on November 13th for an Engineering Day (limited number of spaces). Students will have the opportunity to hear from the first chemical engineering professor in space (yes, an astronaut)! Ms. Czulno looks forward to talking careers with WHS Students!

Natural Disasters Help: General Mills and Box Tops for Education

Donate box tops to a school recently affected by the natural disasters! Please consider looking at your General Mills products, and cutting off the tiny coupon to help schools in need. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents. There is an envelope on Ms. Mugler's door in Student Services to drop off Box Tops. You can contact Ms. Mugler with questions.


The Student Services Interns for the 2017- 2018 school year are:

Ali Levato working with Joyce Brewer

Katie Wanner working with Brandi Rojas

Lindsay Fier working with Bob Sochowski

Grace Kim working with Grace Alderson

and Danielle Antonucci working with Svetlana Fastovskaya

who is who in student services

Look for the November edition of the Student Services newsletter!