By:Emily Hudson


Current means the flow of electrons. They can only flow in a closed loop.
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Voltage is the potential difference in electrical charge between two different areas of a circuit. Voltage is the force that pushes the current along.
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Resistance is the difficulty encountered by electric power. Resistance is measured in OHMS.

Resistance causes the electric energy to be transformed into heat.

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Power is the the rate at which work is done.
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How we use these in real life

We us current for our electricity the currents make our lamp's light up for example. Voltage pushes the power in down the currents it basically causes the flow. Resistance can slow it down so its not too powerful. And power is how efficiently it works.

How they work together to create electricity.

The voltage pushes the electrons through the current. The current floes in a closed loop. The amount of resistance determines how easy the electrons get through the current when you increase the resistance it is more difficult for the electrons to flow through. Power determines how fast it works.