6th Grade Vocabulary

Here are 15 terms you should try to remember by 6th grade.


n. a substance that kills germs

v. free from germs

Felix used an antiseptic soap to remove the germs from his hands when he shoveled in the dirt earlier that day.


1. paying attention

2. considerate of the needs of others; thoughtful

You need to be attentive in classes and to your parents/guardians.

Here are some compound words:


to confuse completely

You befuddle me with your choice of words! Repeat that whole story again please.


an interruption of the orderly course of something; a disturbance; a breakdown

"Class, do not cause disruption. This test is huge and impacts your whole future," Mrs. Moskowitz dictated.


highly colorful, flashy, or dashing

"For once, Aaron, please don't be flamboyant in school; you don't want your teacher to remember you by your bad behavior," Mrs. Smith quickly said to Aaron before she dropped him off for his first day of school.


1. not capable of error; never wrong

2. dependable; without failure; certain

"Now what do you say?" Anna asked impatiently.

"You're infallible. You're always right, I'm always wrong." I said with a glare.

"Good. Very good."


a short trip, especially one taken for pleasure

"We're going on a jaunt to Wisconsin!"


loaded; weighed down

The tables were laden with many different types of food for Thanksgiving.


n. something that strongly attracts or tempts

v. to attract; to tempt

"Try to lure the fish in with the fishing bait so its mouth gets caught on the hook, you see here?" My grandpa helped me with catching my first fish.


1. to come or bring back to consciousness or life
2. to give or show new life, strength, or freshness

The most common way to revive someone physically is by using CPR.


n. a false statement that is damaging to another person's reputation
v. to use or spread slander

"A slander is NOT okay. Think about if someone told a false rumor about you. You wouldn't like it, would you??" At this point, Mr. Mark was disappointed in Maria's slanders about others.