Happily Ever After

By: Joshua and Chelsey

How did it all start?

Hi my name is Amanda Retiz and while I was volunteering at a locale kill shelter every day that four little paws touched my heart the next time I see them they would be gone. So I choose to make a kill shelter named Happily Ever After to help animals.

How can you support Happily ever after

Donate these items

You can support buy just donating these items.

Old towels

Dog food and cat food

Cleaning supplies


And Bed sheets

About Amanda Retiz and here family

Amanda graduated from UW Green Bay collage. Her family is Ken and Louis Retiz. Happily ever after started just by one thought and you can make a diffrence to. So donate to the loving animals that need you help:)

All about Captain the dog

Hey there! My name is Captain and I came from Savannah, Georgia in 2011. My estimated birthdate is May, 2010 and I am hoping that you will donate to Happily Ever After to help my friends. SO DONATE PLEASE TO HELP MY BELOVING HOME, Captain

About us

Hi there we are Joshua and Chelsey and we love Happily Ever After and we ask you to donate to Happily Ever After because you can make a diffrence buy donating to help an animals life.