Mrs. Weegar's First Grade

Week of September 16, 2013

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A Little Fun at Home

We have been talking all about words that we can already read-and we can read a lot of words! We have been "reading our classroom" and "reading our school building" by observing the words all around us in our school environment, writing these words down, and also taking pictures of these words. We are building a focus board in our classroom of Words All Around Us. These are simply words in our every day environment that we can read. We will start our board with the pictures of words that we took around the school building. I would like for each learner to help us build our board with more words! Please have your child look around your home for words that they can read. These may be words on cereal boxes, from magazines, in the newspaper, on any label from items in your refrigerator, and so much more! Help your child cut out the word and bring it to school by this Friday to add to our board! I can't wait to see all of the words that the learners come up with!

This week in Language Arts

Daily Five

-We will continue to "build our reading stamina" as we work on Read to Self. During this time, we will be focusing on appropriate reading behaviors and reviewing how to choose Good Fit books.

-We will continue to discuss the Three Ways to Read a Book which are: Read the Pictures, Read the Words, and Retell the Story. See if your learner can show you an example at home of reading a book each of these three ways.


-We will continue talking about writing about topics that are important to us and about events that have really happened to us. After all, we know the most about things that we have experienced, so that will allow us to create interesting and important pieces of writing!

-Today, we will read the book, The Best Story by Eileen Spinelli. Be sure to ask your leaner what we learned after reading this story.


-We will continue to review all of the capital letters this week.

-We have also been practicing writing our names, but only writing the first letter of our name with a capital letter. When your child practices writing their name at home, make sure to emphasize this skill. We have also learned that our names are proper nouns.

Word Wall

This week's word wall words are: he, for, can, dad, an

These are words that your learner should be able to quickly read and spell by the end of the week.

Austin Weighty Word of the Week: Beseech-to implore

Austin Quote of the Week: Link yourself to your potential, not your past.-Stephan Covey


  • We have been practicing counting forward and backward by tens. Counting backward by tens is a great skill to practice when you have a few minutes at home.
  • We have also been working to identify the names and values of a penny, nickel, and dime. By the end of the week, we will have practiced using different combinations of these three coins in order to make twenty cents. This is another skill that you could work on at home.
  • We will continue using our Math Journals each day in order to practice important skills such as story problems and writing number sentences.
  • We will compare two quantities up to ten and see which is larger.

Social Studies

  • We will be discussing communities this week.
  • We will discuss the roles of various professionals that work in a community.
  • We will discuss the difference between rural and suburban communities.

September Citizenship Skill: Patriotism-loving and supporting one's country

For Your Calendar...

-9/20: LIBRARY DAY-Don't forget to bring your library books back to school today!

-9/26: Picture Day! More information will be coming home soon!