Uterine Inversion

By Karen Olalde

Uterine Inversion

is a potentially fatal childbirth complication with a maternal survival rate of about 85%. It occurs when the placenta fails to detach from theuterus as it exits, pulls on the inside surface, and turns the organ inside out. It is very rare


  • Mother looses more blood then usual
  • Mom's Blood Pressure Drops
  • Fetus is not in Proper Position

Risks Involved

  • fatal complications meaning the baby Can Die
  • Placenta Fails to detach from the Uterine Wall and pulls with it the uterus
  • Abdominal Surgery
  • emergency Hysterectomy

Treatment Options

  • uterine contraction to prevent reinversion and to decrease blood loss
  • Manual correction of inversion through the vagina
  • placenta should be removed before repositioning the uterus