Eastside: One Team, One Dream

"We never lose. We either win or we learn. - Nelson Mandela

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Week of November 18th

Eastside's Mission

Our mission is to build a strong educational foundation while meeting the unique needs of our students.

Eastside's Vision

Working in partnership with the community, Eastside Elementary will provide all students:

  • A collaborative team of professionals who are committed to improve their practices, so that all students learn at high levels

  • A safe, positive, and inviting learning environment

  • An engaging and challenging curriculum focused on essential academics and life skills

  • Individualized and timely support that provides students with what they need to succeed

Thankful for All of You

I want to let all of you know that when I sit down this Thanksgiving with my family, you all will be on my list of what I am thankful for! As we close out this week, take some time to let your team know you are thankful for them!

Let's make this week count! May we leave on Friday and know that we used every instructional minute to impact students' lives. ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM!

5 Days of Instruction until Thanksgiving Break

15 days of instruction from Thanksgiving Break until Christmas Break

Hattie's Corner: Reciprocal Teaching

Take this week to watch the videos below and read the article below. I will be looking for all K-5 classes using reciprocal teaching the week we come back from Thanksgiving break. Make sure it is included in your lesson plan for the week after break. Take some time this week to teach kids the strategy with the roles. Remember I shared the roles of each part during retreat. Let me know if you need this doc shared with you again.

What is reciprocal teaching?

"The word reciprocal in this case, is an adjective, stemming from the Latin word reciprocus, meaning “returning the same way, alternating” (Reciproal, n.d.). When a student listens to the teacher explain a concept or idea in a lesson, such as the parts of a plant, the student pays special attention to the various names, learns how each part is related to the whole and studies the purpose or function of each part. The teacher then puts the students into pairs and asks one student to “teach” the other student what they just learned. The first student repeats what the teacher taught in the lesson, naming each part, explains the part’s relationship to the whole, and so forth.

After a few minutes, the other child has a chance to reciprocate the action by putting into their own words what they have just learned. Just this simple act of teaching one another helps students retain more making it easier to remember and recall the information when test time comes around."

How do we activate more areas of the brain?

"When an instructor is standing up in front of the class teaching a lesson, he is looking at the class as well as writing notes on the board (occipital lobes). He is also listening to the students as they answer his questions, and notes any students whispering or not paying attention, etc. (temporal lobes). Because he must talk as he explains the lesson, the neurons in the parietal lobes are constantly firing getting the words out of his mouth. And when he has to stop and generate a question off the top of his head, has to create a diagram that visually explains a concept, or simply just construct a new thought he wishes to express, his frontal lobes are called into play. When he teaches a lesson, all regions of the brain become activated. So, if you really want to learn something, you have to teach it!"

Read the whole article here. https://meteoreducation.com/reciprocal-teaching/

Reciprocal Teaching in Kinder

Reciprocal Teaching

2nd Grade Example of Reciprocal Teaching

BSRI Best Practices: Second Grade Reciprocal Teaching

3rd Grade Example of Reciprocal Teaching

Using Reciprocal Teaching to Engage 3rd Grade Readers

Congrats Mrs. Hogg for being selected for the District Whatever It Takes Award

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Details for the Week


  • Make sure you have read the information above about Reciprocal teaching.

  • You have chosen Mrs. Hackett to represent you on the Reward Committee. Please let her know your thoughts on how the money should be spent. We will be meeting towards the end of this week.

  • SIT doc updating - for any students in grades 4 and 5 - needs to be completed by end of day on Friday. All staff working with these students on reading interventions will input a comment. This comment should be focused on decodables, phonics skills, and phonological awareness.

  • MAP Progress Monitoring will be with grades 4 and 5. Please refer to the new schedule I sent out about when students will take their test.

  • K-2 DIBELS Progress Monitoring this week.

  • Monday

  • AMI packets will go home today in Monday folders for all students that do not have internet access. The office will be making these copies for you. Grades 3-5 - your AMI assignments should be live on Google classroom today also.

  • Team meetings for 3-5 content teams will be on Monday at regular times. You will meet with Solution Tree associate, Garnet Hillman. Make sure to see team agendas for what you need to bring.

  • Support staff will not meet this week. Support staff will update all K-5 SIT docs with any interventions prior to end of day Thursday. Mrs. Krogman and I will review these prior to break.

  • Tuesday

  • Team meetings for K-2 will be on Tuesday at regular times. You will meet with Solution Tree Associate, Garnet Hillman. Make sure to see team agendas for what you need to bring.
  • SIT will meet at 1:30.
  • Wednesday
  • Chili Lunch Fundraiser for VIP - Please bring $5 to eat a chili lunch and dessert in the lounge at lunch. All funds will go towards our VIP program!
  • Kinder Thanksgiving feast
  • Guiding Coalition will meet at 3:00 PM.
  • Thursday
  • Hat Day - Staff can participate if you pay your $1.

  • Jeans will be worn on Thursday with panther shirt.

  • Friday
  • Staff Meeting

  • Grandparents Day - I will send out the Grandparents Day schedule with block staff assignments and other changes for that day soon.

  • Professional dress for Grandparents Day

  • Park in the gravel parking lot to save room for all of our Grandparents.

Veteran's Program

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Toy Story 4 Movie Night

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Learning Happening at Eastside

Important Dates (Refer to EES 2019- 20 Calendar shared by Mrs. Krogman)

Nov 25-29 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 3 - TAG Dig Day, RISE 2nd grade observation with Dallas Henderson, LIl Dribblers at 6 PM, Dec 3 -5 - Mrs. Bailey visits

Dec 4 - Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10 PM

Dec 5 - Staff Christmas Party

Dec 6 - Staff Meeting at 7:40

Dec 9 - Mid Year MAP begins K-5

Dec 9 - Literacy Night: Santa the Scientist

Dec 12 - PTO Meeting 3:45

Dec 13 - Spirit day at 8:30 and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at GHS at 1:00 PM

Dec 17 - VIP Christmas Night

Dec 18 - Choir Capitol Trip

Dec 19 - Awards Assemblies Time TBA and Christmas Party at 2:00

Dec 20 - Staff Meeting 7:40 and Polar Express day and End of 2nd Nine weeks

Dec 21 - Jan 5 - Christmas Break

Words to Live By This Month


PRIDE WORD = Integrity