Lewis and Clark

Camila Araiza


  • Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18 of 1774 near Ivy, Virginia.
  • He became an explorer because Jefferson offer Lewis to lead an expedition into the lands west of the Mississippi, which he did after enlisting William Clark.
  • William Clark was involved in Lewis expeditions, they were partners.

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  • William Clark was born on August 1 of 1770, in Caroline Country, Virginia.
  • He went on and become part of the legendary exploration of Lewis and Clark.
  • The journey began when Lewis invited him to share the expedition of the lands west of the Mississippi River.
  • The expedition helped mapmakers understand the geography of the West.
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Areas Explored

Meriwether Lewis was an American explorer, who with William Clark led the Lewis and Clark Expedition through the American interior to the Pacific Northwest. The Lewis and Clark Expedition crossed over 13,000 km and lasted three years, taking all of the discoveries with them. The expedition followed down the Ohio River, up the Missouri River, across the Continental Divide, and to the Pacific Ocean. Along this route they discovered many new species of animals and plants.
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Effects of the Exploration

  • Geographic discovery
  • Biological information
  • Good connections with the Indians.
  • New plants
  • New Animals (Coyotes, Antilope, deer)
  • New Territory


Jefferson asks Meriwether Lewis to become his personal secertary. Lewis hel Jefferson plan for western exploration.


  • In secret communication to congress, Jefferson gives authorization for an expedition.
  • Lewis pic a commander and sent him an appropiate letter inviting him to share command of expedition.
  • Clark accept.


  • Lewis and Clark attend ceremonies in St. Louis formally transferring Louisiana Territory from France to United States.
  • Expedition passes La Charette.
  • Expedition marks first Fourth of July ever celebrated in west of the Mississippi.
  • Then holds friendly council with Yankton Sioux, According to Yankton oral tradition, when a baby is born, Lewis wraps him in a United States flag and declares him “an American.”
  • Moving into the Great Plains, the expedition begins seeing animals unknown in the East.
  • Clark notes a temperature of 45 degrees below zero.
  • Fort Mandan was considered complete and the expedition had moved in for the winter.