coach Hundall's P.E class!

by Melany Rodriguez, period.5

Defenition of P.E!

P.E is also known as Physical education. Physical education is like he feelings of your body . Your body needs to be healthy and to be healthy you need to do exercise.

Expectations (code of conduct)

1. Treat everyone fairly

2.Always say the truth

3.Do not steal

4.No excuses

5.Respect others


Volleyball is a sport we play. to have fun or if you are in athletics you play it against others! we play volleyball during volleyball season!

stuff you shouold know!

Dressing out should be athletic shoes, short , and a shirt you don't use all day!

lockers, should have you clothes to take home and wash and dress out on the days to dress out.

Health day is the day we learn about things of Physical Education. like stuff that has to do with your body!