Interesting Poison Dart Frogs

Jamila Ibrahim

Poison Dart Frogs

The poison dart frog has an interesting habitat,life cycle and diet. The tropical rainforest is a beneficial place for a poison dart frog to live in.The poison dart frog has an awesome life cycle they go through.Frogs have alike and different diets from other frogs.In conclusion,there are many amazing facts about poison dart frogs

Beneficial Habitat

In my opinion, it is beneficial for a Poison Dart Frog to live in a tropical rainforest. One reason is that Poison Dart Frogs need to live near warm, wet places to keep their skin moist. It rains in the rainforest, which helps keeps there skin moist. Another reason Poison Dart Frogs should live in the rainforest is there are tall trees so Poison Dart Frogs can climb and find bugs to eat bugs. Poison Dart Frogs like to eat ants, beetles and termites. In conclusion, it is good for a poison dart frog to live in a tropical rainforest.
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Poison Dart Frogs and Bull Frogs are alike and different when it comes to their diet. Poison Dart Frogs eats ants, termites, spiders, and beetles. They use their excellent vision to see their prey. Both Poison Dart Frog and Bull Frogs use their long sticky tongues to catch their prey, however, Bullfrogs use their front legs to help them stuff food in their mouth. Bullfrogs eat crustacean and moths. An example of crustacean is a crayfish. In conclusion, there are many differences and similarities between the diets of a Poison Dart Frog and a Bull frog.
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Life Cycle

Have you ever wondered the stages of a Poison Dart Frogs life cycle? First, a female frog lays 5 to 40 eggs in a little puddle of water. In about 2 weeks the tiny tadpoles will break out of the eggs. Next, the tadpoles are taken out of the puddle and put into a pool of water. In a few weeks the tadpoles tail gets smaller. Then, the tadpole starts to grow little legs and little feet. The tiny frog leaves the water and hops in the rainforest. Between 12 to 16 weeks later, it turns into an adult frog. As you can see, a Poison Dart Frog travels through a life cycle.
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