Camp David Accords

Ashley & Enrique


In 1978, Carter arranged a meeting between Israel and Egypt. The two nations had been enemies for years. After several days of talks, Carter and the two leaders reached agreements known as the Camp David Accords. It got it's popular name for the historic piece accords forged in 1978.

After 12 days of negotiation Carter, Sadat, and Begin concluded two agreements. The first one set a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. The second agreement made a broader framework for achieving peace in the middle east. The treaty and its agreements brought the two nations to peace. President Carter was the one who had intervined between the two countries and brought them to peace.


  1. Interim Agreement: it refers to an agreement signed between Israel & the PLO as part of the Oslo process.
  2. Declaration Of Principles: contains the underlying principles for reaching permanent status between Israel and the PLO.
  3. Jimmy Carter: president of the U.S.
  4. Anwar Sadat: was the 3rd president of Egypt.
  5. Menachem Begin: the 6th prime minister of the state of Israel