Team Cox

Tote-ally Canadian Newsletter, June 2014

Welcome Summer!

Hello ladies!

Welcome to July, and to what we try to call "summer" in Canada. :) This coming month is an exciting one, with so many things happening including.... CONFERENCE on July 18-20 in Niagara Falls!!! WOOHOO!! I'm so excited to celebrate with you, and get some awesome training to help our businesses grow even more this year!

We added 42 new ladies to the Team Cox downline, with 11 of them being in my generation zero. Welcome to those new ladies! If you are receiving this newsletter, I am your upline Director and you are part of my Generation 0. Think of it like a family tree.

Some other important dates to remember for July:

  • Fall Product Premiere: July 7-9
  • Celebrate and Connect Registration: July 2-17
  • Celebrate and Connect Registration: July 22-29 ($5 late fee applies)
  • National Conference: July 18-20 in Niagara Falls

If you haven't watched the Fall Premiere, do it before it disappears on the 9th! There are details and pictures of the Ready Set Sell and Add on Kits. Finish July strong, but also look to August 1-15 to submit either 300, 600 or 1200 in PV between those dates to earn a Ready Set SEll Kit! Are you a new consultant? You can DOUBLE DIP and earn startswell AND Ready Set Sell! How awesome is that?!?

And most of all, don't go telling all of your hostesses and customers about the awesome new FALL products yet. You don't want them to cancel their summer parties with you for a fall one! You'd be denying yourself of some awesome summer commissions. :)

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at or text me at 289-924-1790

Heather Cox

Senior Director


DIQ (Director in Qualification)

Leeanne Graham

Megan McDougall

Celebrate our Stats this month!

Our Stats this month

Generation 0 stats

Sales: $36,914

Recruits: 11

Members: 54

Parties: 69

Entire Downline Stats

Sales: $85,128

Recruits: 44

Members: 173

Parties: 169

Way to go!

Personal Volume


Wendy Lawton $4062

Melanie Ward $3020

Lacy Russell $1819

Brittany Sheridan $1704

Katie Carscadden $1697

Marilyn Czikk $1588

Terri Lynn Gibson $1325

Leeanne Graham $1306

Megan McDougall $1236

Kathryn Peter $1218

Kellie Opsteen $1205

Samantha Clarke $1064

Erin Vivian $1006


Karie Biggley $904

Tara Hodgson $892

Jennifer Ferrier $857

Nicci Gray $792

Cathleen McTavish $790

Tammy Demers $730

Keri Callin $714

Jennifer Zwiers $707

Lindsey Frater $624

Penelope Cook $621

Krista Mills-Gorniak $616

Christina McMullen-Noseworthy $612

Amanda Robinson $565

Kelley MacDonald $515

Tiffiny Donnan $508

Stephanie Wilson $500


Wendy Lawton -2

Tiffany Donnan -2

Marilyn Czikk -1

Erin Vivian -1

Keri Callin -1

Mélissa Brown -1

Leeanne Graham -1

Jennifer Zwiers -1

Melanie Ward -1

Welcome to:

Jennifer Zwiers

Sarah Sansom

Tara Hodgson

Mélissa Brown

Tiffany Marchant

Jeanette Craig-Graves

Nicci Gray

Jessi Lalonde

Cathy Ryan

Andrea Bays

Annmarie Greco

Top Team Sales $4000+

Wendy Lawton $18,209

Erin Vivian $12,754

Erin McParlan $11,727

Leeanne Graham $10,292

Kellie Opsteen $9,281

Megan McDougall $7,511

Director's Corner

Heather Cox, Senior Director

My Business Hours if you would like to schedule a phone chat

M-F 12-3pm, 7pm-10pm

Saturday/Sunday by appointment

Can you beat your Director?

My Stats this month:

Personal Volume $1,440

Recruits 3

Parties 2

Are you ready for Leadership?

Based on my stats for June, a consultant earning 25% commission would earn $360.

Based on our team and downline stats for this month, see below for what Director and Above would earn.

Director $ 1,984

Senior Director $ 3,387

Executive Director $ 4,125

Senior Executive Director $ 4,904

Are you interested in Leadership in the future? I can help you set goals to get you there. Let's chat!