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June 3, 2016


For those of you who may not have heard yet, I will be leaving Vandeventer and moving to Lebanon Trail High School in the fall. I will still be splitting with the CTE Center. This is really tough for me, because I truly have loved working with all of you at VMS. I will miss you, and I hope that we can stay in touch. You are getting a great guy who will be sharing Vandeventer and Wester next year. I know he will love VMS just as much as I have!

Introducing...The Digital Melting Pot!

The Digital Melting Pot is a web site available to ALL teachers in Frisco ISD with resources to help you find help when you need it! If you want a click sheet and we still have one, it is going to be housed here. Check it out, bookmark it, whatever you need to do so you can find it easily because this is going to be a GREAT resource! You can find it at bit.ly/digmeltpot .

And the TWO shall become ONE! Learning Hub, that is.

On June 6-7, the Staff Learning Hub and the Student Learning Hub will merge into one site--The Learning Hub. The site will have a new look, so you will know when the change happens. The site URL will be studentlearninghub.friscoisd.org. If you have bookmarks to courses in the Staff Learning Hub, you will need to change them to the new URL.

The Learning Hub tile in the Portal will give you single-sign-on access to the site. You will have the same functionality as before, but with the convenience of a single site. Look for the My Courses block to see a list of all your courses.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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HELP! I need tech help but it's summer. What do I do?

I work Monday and Thursday next week, and then I am off contract. Specialists are done after today (or tomorrow for high school). If you have a need for tech assistance over the summer (for example, you come up to campus to make copies and the printer is out of toner) you will need to submit a HelpDesk ticket in Eduphoria. There is a special button for Summer Work that you can use to submit help requests so that someone will see it. Response will not be fast over the summer, since there is a limited crew working and all have other assigned duties, so patience is appreciated.

Archive Old Classes in Google Classroom

Did you know you can archive old classes in Google Classroom? This allows the students to still see things that were in the class, but without being able to submit or comment (and without receiving emails from you). Archiving also allows you to reuse assignments from your archived class in a new class!

To archive a class:

1- open Google Classroom

2- go to the class tiles page

3- click on the three dots in the top right corner of the tile

4- choose "Archive"

That's it! Then create new classes for next year!

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What to do about the Learning Hub?

If you have a Moodle course that you have used this year, you need to reset it to kick out your students so it is nice and fresh and clean for next year. Check out this less than 2 minute video on how to reset your course.

Why reset? If you don't unenroll students, then they and their parents using the parent login will see see your course in their list of courses. And the students can still participate if they are enrolled.

If you need me to add a teacher to a course, first make sure the person in question has logged in to the student learning hub at least once. Then email me and give me the exact name of the course you need them added to. I will take care of it when I can and let you know when it is done.

If you need a new course created, email me with the name of the course, where it should be located, and who all needs to be assigned as teachers.

If you need a course deleted entirely, please send me the exact name of the course and a date when I can delete it. I will probably not delete anything until fall. I will back up the course before deletion.

If you are in a course (like for PD) that you no longer want to see in the My Courses List, go into the course and look in the Administration block for the option that says "unenrol me from this course" (yes, I know- it is the Australian spelling)

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Reserving Equipment for the Fall

I know you want Chromebooks. I know.

I am going to ask you to wait until we come back in the fall- until we are ALL back in the fall, to reserve equipment. That way our new teachers are not at a disadvantage. We also need to make sure that all equipment is ready to go for checkout before we promise it to you.

Setting up Eduphoria Planners

All right, go getters. I know some of you are antsy to get planners ready for the fall. You are welcome to set up your planners at any time! I just want to remind you of a couple things-

1- Use the Eduphoria Help to find instructions on setting up your planner. You will not lose any information from this year or any previous year by changing your planner entries.

2- If you set your planner up now, you will still need to go back and link your eschool courses to your planner once the master schedule is ready and available. That is just fine, totally easy to do, just be aware that you will need to take that step in the fall.

3- You won't be able to share planners with new people until they set up a planner themselves. Feel free to point them to the Eduphoria help so they can get started. You may be in contact with the new folks before I am.

4- Once you start accessing days on your planner, each day would need to be reset one day at a time. Please do not copy an entire year's worth of plans from one year to the next. There is no fast way to tell Eduphoria to delete 3 week's worth of material.

When can I start printing my class rosters?

Well, now you're just talking crazy, and the answer is that I don't know when you will have access to your classes in eSchool. But I CAN remind you HOW to print your rosters.

Just remember that there are lots of schedule changes early on. Check out the new Digital Melting Pot for instructions on things like printing rosters!

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Have a Wonderful Summer Break!