Posting And Sharing Photos

Be A Good Cyber Citizen!

What Photos Are And Arn't Ok To Post?

Social Media is a great thing, but misuse of it can lead to dire consequences. For example; Losing friends, jobs and trust. So how do you use it properly? 1.Don't post it if you don't want it all over the internet. 2. If you have a photo of someone else always ask their permission first. 3. Don't post photos that show where you live, go to school ect.

What Happens If You Find An Embarrassing Photo Of Yourself?

If you find a really embarrassing photo of yourself and you don't want it on the internet you have a couple of choices. 1. Ask them to delete the photo 2. Report them to the Social Media creators 3. Report them to the government

Some Of The Worst Apps for cyberbullying

Dont retaliate to the bully

It will Just make it worse

If you bully the bully back that makes you just as bad as them. It isn't justified
Cyber Bullying Virus