Norfolk Junior High

By: Noelia De Lara

Future Story

Boyhood Was Released On July 11th 2014. The Movie Is About A 12 Year Old Boy Named Mason.Guardians Of The Galaxy Was Released July 31th 2014.Captain America: The Winter Soldier Released April 4th 2014. It Was Directed By Anthony Russo And Joe Russo. The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay was Released November 21st 2014. It Was Directed By Francis Lawrence.Frozen Was Released On November 27th 2013. It Was Directed By Chris Buck And Bruce Lee. Divergent Was Released On March 10th 2014. It Was Directed By Neil Burger.The Fault In Our Stars Was Released On June 6th 2014. It Was Directed By Josh Boone.Big Hero Six Was Released On November 7th 2014. It Was Directed By Don Hall And Chris Williams.Lets Be Cops Was Released On August 13th 2014. it Was Directed By Luke Greenfield. 22 Jump Street Was Released On June 13th 2014 And It Was Directed By Chris Miller, And Phil Lord

Movie Review

In This Movie She Had The Decision To Battle Or Not. So At The End She Did Battle. They Captured Peete In The Movie Before This, And She Was Trying Her Best To Get Him Out Of District 13. At The End She Did Get Him Out Of District 13 But He Changed A Lot So They Had To Lock Him Up For Awhile In District 12, But They Went Through A lot During The Battles. District 13 Destroyed District 12 Home. At The End They Still Didn’t Work Things Out But There Trying There Best By Keeping Peete In District 12.

Nursery Rhyme

Humpty Dumpty Fell

By Noelia De Lara

It Was Reported Last Night That Humpty Dumpty Fell Off Of A Bridge. It Was Late Out, Around 1 A.M. When The Accident Happened. The Accident Took Place In Norfolk, Nebraska. They Assume He Fell Off The Bridge, Because He Lost His Balance. He Was Injured Badly, But He Ended Up Surviving The Fall. He Will Be In The Hospital For About Four Weeks.


Will you travel? Where? I Traveled To The Caribbean Sea

Noelia De Lara attended high school at The Norfolk Senior High School. She atttended a lot of activities when she there. She was in track, volleyball, and she was helping with the yearbook. When she was at the high school, she had a job. She was working everyday after school at Culvers. When she turned 40, she had a different job by then. She was tall,skinny, she had brown hair and green eyes. She was married during her lifetime and then had three kids. When she got married, she moved out of Nebraska and went to live in Miami, Florida. Ten years from when she graduated, she became a doctor in Miami. Her plans for her future were to travel the world after she graduated. The most important place she wants to travel to is the Caribbean Sea.