Family Guardian 1.8

First major release in 2013

What's New?

  • Parental Notification: If we have not received any data from the child's phone for more than 24 hours, an alert is generated on the parental control portal's Alert tab. If no data is received for more than 48 hours, an email is sent to the parent's registered email.
  • Settings Quick Sync: When changes are made on the Web Portal, they take effect quickly on the child’s phone, instead of waiting for the next sync time, which could be 30 minutes or more.
  • Web Filter on Chrome: If Chrome is the default browser, web filter works just as well. If the default browser is Android browser, then Chrome browser will be restricted on the child's phone by default.
  • Activation Code now can support multiple devices!

What did we improve or fix?

  • Improved accuracy of GPS locations.
  • Fixed certain app filter & web filter issues on Android 4.0 and above devices.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Optimized speed and stability of consistent uploads from the child's phone to the web portal.
  • “Photos not uploading” bug that was happening on some devices has been fixed.
  • Optimized Web Portal views for larger displays like PC or laptop.

Known Issues

  • For devices running Android 4.1 and above, when Family Guardian is force closed, there is no way for the app to keep alive or restart itself. (See parental notification above.)
  • Unable to prevent uninstallation or force close in Android 4.0 and above devices. (See parental notification.)
  • When Family Guardian is updated in Google Play, users with devices running Android 4.1 and above may need to manually open the application at least once AFTER the app is updated to ensure the new update takes effect.