Neely Kirkland

Canada & America

Social Relations

Relations between Canada and the United States have continued more the 2 centuries. They both originated from British colonial heritage.They both have a land mass of about 9.9 million kilometers squared Canada has a population of 34,082,000 when the US has a population of 311,416,383 people. Canada's official languages are french and English. America has not yet established an official language due to the variety of cultures. Christianity is the most practiced religion in both countries. They Also have White American/White European as the main ethnic groups.

Political Relations

Canada's government consists of a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy, while America is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic. Both countries have a House of Representatives but Canada names it the House of Commons. They also both have an Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch and Senate.

Economic realations

Canada And America share one of the biggest and most extensive trading relationships. Canada is Americas largest foreign energy supplier and we are Canada's largest foreign investor. Americas investment to Canada mainly focuses on finance, mining ,petroleum, and transportation equipment . Canadian investment to the US focuses primarily on finance, insurance, manufacturing, banking, information and retail trade. Canada and the United states operate an integrated electricity grid under joined developed reliability standards. Canada's gross domestic product in the year 2009 was re grow stronger economies together and a better relationship.
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