Media and Media Literacy

A thorough explanation from a high school student

Media Literacy

When I think about the media the first things that come to mind are celebrities and funny videos on Youtube. In reality, the media is a tool that keeps people informed on current events and new discoveries. I think the media is an excellent but also dangerous form of information. If you are not careful you can be given false information. Media is also all electronic and digital information that is posted for the public. Media literacy is also important. Being media literate means that you can decipher valuable information form just any other thing that’s said. Media literate people can analyze and create messages. If you are media literate then you know what and what isn’t appropriate to post on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. I think the media is sometimes abused. For example, when these companies post celebrity gossip and rumors on the internet and in magazines it makes it hard for real news to be relevant.

Commercial Precis

Coca- Cola in the commercial for their product, which was aired during the 2014 Superbowl to communicate to viewers that their products that are consumed by Americans are not only English speaking Americans; it also shows the we are all american in our own way. Coca Cola promotes their product by showing people of all nationalities singing "America the Beautiful" in different languages.


Sean Roadhouse, Sports Reporter

Mon Mar 17, 2014

ATLANTA- A popular basketball rivalry turns deadly for over 500,000 people in the city of Atlanta after a riot broke out inside the world famous Philips Arena.

Both police and swat were called out last night during the final game of the NCAA march madness tournament after a riot broke out inside the Philips Arena that eventually lead out into the streets of Atlanta.

Local Atlanta news talked with Gerald Higgins, a man was in the middle of riot that night and he stated "Man it was crazy! At first it was just the two teams yelling at each other across the stands and then all of a sudden one guy ran out onto the floor and it was all down hill from there. People were fighting, throwing food and drinks at each other and even one guy shot a guy with the T-shirt cannon it was complete madness! No pun intended".

Approximately 10,000 people were injured and over 2,000 were killed by either being trampled or shot with a T-shirt cannon. Marsha Mathers, A woman who was getting off of work that night recalls her experience. " I work at the office building right across from Philips. I was walking to my car and all I saw was a wave of people literally fall out of the building it was an extremely scary sight. People were bloody and covered in food it looked like they had a giant food fight. They started flipping over cars and breaking things it was one of the more surreal moments in my life. They also kept shooting each other with T-shirt cannons I have no idea why".

Some arrests have been made but no one has spotted the man that started the incident. The story is still updating.

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In this world we are taught to do as we're told and to never question anything that authority tell us. That idea is exactly why citizens and ultimately human beings in general are having less power in this world. We allow ourselves to be brainwashed by these companies and certain individuals in hopes that we will be safe and secure. Ignorance is not always bliss in fact ignorance is the thing that is crippling us everyday. Everyday we don't ask questions, everyday we don't seek new knowledge and everyday we don't try to make things happen we lead ourselves into the mindset that these organizations and companies want us to be in. Until WE want to rise up and voice our feelings and our opinions we will CONTINUE to be BRAINWASHED and OBJECTIFIED. My brothers and sisters this is the time we become HERDERS instead of the SHEEP.
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Smore #5

World War II started in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland, or at least that's what they want you to know. What really happened is a few months before Germany invaded Poland, Hitler had a secret meeting with the leader of Poland. They devised a plan that the two countries would join forces to make a huge elitist run country and once they stepped up their arsenal and military force they would make Hitler "invade" and takeover Poland which would force Europe to declare war on them. So in fact, that is what exactly happened but what the European military didn't know was what lied ahead of them. Shortly after Germany's country expanded the Soviet Union joined the super country. The elitist lead and took over many countries such as Denmark and Norway before setting their eyes on France. From May until June the Europeans tried to stop the super country but they simply were outnumbered greatly. Soon, the super country expanded and eventually to began taking over all of the Eastern Hemisphere before taking over America.

This specific event is important in the long run of history because if the Soviet Union, Germany and Poland teamed together to make a super country then they could have possibly expanded more and taken over the world. There would have been widespread massacres and labor camps across the world and we could have been not only living in a dystopian society but a dystopian world where your only goal in life would be to work and die.

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Smore #6

When I first started reading George Orwell's "1984" I thought that the book would be extremely boring and that I wouldn't be able to comprehend what the book was saying. After reading the book i can say that i was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoy George Orwell's work. He makes his characters seem real and his dialog is exceptional. I felt like his criticism on the government was appropriate in the fact that a huge amount of people feel the same way about their government. The ending also had me torn, I really enjoyed the more realistic take he put on the ending but I sort of still wanted Winston to be the typical hero of the book. If I was the author I don't think that I would change the ending simply because it's more of a realistic ending than just having the typical "hero defeats the bad guy" ending. In my opinion the most important message is that you shouldn't be afraid to voice your thoughts and opinions no matter how much society sees it in a negative way. Overall, I definitely had a great experience with the novel and I would most definitely recommend this to someone.

Smore #7

When I took a look over all my smores today I realized what a journey it has been taking this class. When I first walked in to class I was delightfully interested that my school would have a course that catered to social media since I am always on some type of social networking site. In this class I experienced and learned a plethora of things. I learned the importance of being Media Literate and being careful of what you post on websites and also how just posting one comment or status can change a person's whole life. Also, I learned about privacy and how we are more and more being subjected to having almost no privacy on the internet. We also learned about the positives that the internet can have on someone. People can meet their soul-mate or learn something new about the world that they didn't know before. This class differed from any other language arts class because we learned about current events in the world. It wasn't all about Shakespeare or Macbeth everyday we actually talked and discussed topics that mattered to us in our lives. To be honest the only thing can be done to make this class more fun is to do more video projects. Like for example, shooting your own nature, news or tv show to teach students about product placement and how tv shows do certain things in order to attract you and to keep watching. All in all, this class was great! My teacher worked hard to keep our interest and to help us understand what truly being Media Literate was.