Hailey Hudson's Bucket List

April 2015

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

I would want to go White Water Rafting at the Arkansas River because you get to be in the water and I love the water!! I think the river to go rafting was made by a glacier that fell from the mountains, and the water is the structure for erosion.
Colorado Whitewater Rafting on the Arkansas River

Rope Swinging

I would want to go rope swinging through a canyon.The canyon got there from water and wind breaking down the canyon so that's the way the canyon go there. Then the source for weathering is wind breaking down the canyon!!!

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Water skiing

I would want to go water skiing with my family, I would go to the Colorado River because it looks fun! I would want to go with my family because I love to be with my family. The cause of erosion would be water running up against the rocks and for weathering it would be wind!!


I would want to go parachuting out of a plane with my best friends because we could bond more and have a lot of fun! We would land in the sand dunes and the sand dunes eroid every day from WIND!!!!
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I would want to go hiking up the Alps with my cousins because it would fun to hang out with them and have fun with them!! Erosion was caused by wind and water eroding the mountains!!
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Rock Climbing

I would want to go rock climbing with all my family members because it would be something fun and you would get good excercise. It got there from erosion witch was caused from wind, water!!
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