PBIS Staff Newsletter

December 2015

Idea and Opportunity

The PBIS team found this idea on Pinterest as a way to promote classroom procedures, limit the reasons why students would need to leave their seats, and provide collaborative group spaces for students. Visit http://www.thebitsofbrit.com/how-desk-towers-saved-my-sanity/ to find out more. As the blogger states, the drawer towers are expensive but if you are interested please email Sarah Mabery the number you would need for your classroom. The PBIS team can't make any promises, but there are grant opportunities available for new initiatives like this.
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Dr. Aldoph Brown's Book

Three copies of Dr. Brown's book are available for check-out in the E. C. Glass library. If you missed his message at Dunbar, we encourage you to read his book. There is lots of information including "real talk", the difference between balcony and basement people, and who should be in your "wheelbarrow". The book is around 50 pages and is a quick read.
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Top Honors from October 26 - November 30

  • Anna Beck
  • Rachael Johnson
  • Ai'sha Jones
  • Sam Lefew
  • Jelani Liggon
  • Jonathan Lipscomb
  • Evette Muellich
  • Leanna Neisch
  • Taylor Ordway
  • Ashton Tomlinson
  • Hannah White

Please continue to complete a Top Honor form for students who are showing positive attitude, compassion, cooperation, encouragement, integrity, and/or service. The form is available at https://docs.google.com/a/lcsedu.net/forms/d/10qQCuV7Fj1h5fTdzTAmY0uiQmvYNPzX7H-5smgjBwQQ/viewform?usp=send_form

Faculty/Staff Talent Show

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November Discipline Data

Here are snapshots of our November discipline data. Our numbers come from the information entered into Infinite Campus so in some instances a location was not recorded.
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