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March 15, 2022 - Issue 15

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Background pic: Highlights from our musicals at Caruso & Shepard! Head to each school's Facebook page to check out photo galleries!

A Time To Recharge

109 community:

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done this school year to get our kids in school and keep them there. It has been tremendous to see our students having the opportunity to thrive in the classroom, on the stage, on the court, and even in the air (go Caruso Drone Club).

I highly encourage our families and staff over the upcoming week to unplug and unwind from the routine of school life. Make time for activities that fulfill you and bring you happiness. Savor that moment to go to the park with your kids.

We wish you a restful week and will see everyone back in school on March 28th!


Michael V. Simeck

Superintendent of Schools

Thank You For Your Generosity!

The true power of a community working together to make a difference!!!

An enormous thank you to our six PTO's for organizing and running a supply drive to benefit Ukrainian refugees over the past week. They collected SO many items that they had to utilize a second company to help send the items overseas! It's incredible to see teamwork in action across Deerfield!

Thank you!


COVID Information & Latest Protocols

Remember, you can visit www.dps109.org/covidinfo for the latest information as it pertains to our district. We update this page when we get new guidance from healthcare agencies or modify any of our protocols.

The Tooth Fairy Has What?

Kindergarteners at Kipling were tasked with drawing and describing what the Tooth Fairy looks like... and this is a sign that we are clearly in a different generation. One friend said they had a magic credit card, while the other said they carry cryptocurrency! :)

Upcoming Board Meeting Agenda & Walden Guests

The Board of Education will meet on Thursday night at 7 p.m. at the District Office. We are excited to be joined by students from Walden who will be sharing their March Reading Madness with us! Click below to see the agenda.

What's Good in 109 - Rock Climbing at Caruso!

What's Good in 109: Rock Climbing & Teamwork

Take A Bow!

7th grader Jorey from Shepard (far right in the below pic) finished 5th in state last weekend at the IESA Wrestling Tournament! Way to represent 109, Jorey!
Big picture

Upcoming Dates to Know

  • March 17: Regular Board of Education meeting at 7 PM
  • March 21-25: SPRING BREAK
  • March 29: Next edition of 109 News