"Impossible IS Nothing"

Our Mission

The Adidas group strives to be the glabal leader in sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and sporting lifestyle.

Key People


In 2010, there were 31,344 people employed at Adidas corportions.
Adidas - Originals Featuring Run DMC - TV Commercial

Year In Operation

Adidas has been in operation since August 18, 1949.


Strengths - Adidas is the biggest sponsor of the sports events specially football. Weakness - Costumer care center are not totally funtional, and problems are faced specially in the case of e-marketingOpportunities - Adidas is planning to outscore it's web development and ecommerce to the third party, which would then pay the company through ease at costumer edge.Threats - Nike that is its strongest partner is paying much attention to the diversity of models in one item that is foot wear, this leads to enhanced marketing.