Runaway Twin

By: Peg Kehret

By: Jessica Behrend


Peg Kehret lives in Washington State. My author wrote other books including: Two Voices, Early Work Lives On, New Fawn, and Three Little Kittens. Peg Kehret loves animals a lot. She likes to play with the animals and love on them.


Sunny is a foster child and she misses her sister, Starr. Sunny wants too be reunited and brought back to her sister.

In this great book,you can find things that Sunny did to be reunited with Starr.

In the end, you will be amazed of what happened. Runaway Twin will be so good you'll never want to stop reading it.

Opinion of the Book

I like this book because it shows a brave sibling, it shows Sunny trying to become with her family again, it also shows Sunny trying to be helpful.


This book reminds me of the movie Frozen because Elsa runs away and Anna try's to find her.


I would recommend this book to my mom because she loves to read and I think she will really enjoy it. She knows if she likes a book or not, but I think she will love to read it a lot. She will never want to stop reading Runaway Twin.