Team Gilded LilyDots

A Look Back at YOUR magical March!

Consistency Bonus Earners = $100 FREE PRODUCT CREDITS

Congratulations to all of you who qualified for the first ever Consistency Bonus! This is a 3 month rolling incentive offered by home office. These ladies had $500+ retail sales for Jan, Feb and March. You have a chance to earn this when you have $500+ retail sales for April, May and June! Trust extra $100 toward the Fall Line in July will be NICE!

Allison Inman

Hope Cole

Rebecca Kirkpatrick

Robin Plott

Sally Essig

March Top in Sales

Hope Cole

#1 - $5,621

Beat my March sales in April and win your choice of a new GETAWAY tote on ME!

#5 - Hollie Holloway $1,080

#6 - Kristin Mello $875

#7 - Lesli Reeves $860

#8 - Rebecca Kirkpatrick $525

#9 - Tina Lane $504

#10 - Erin Starling $390

Big Welcome to New Gilded LilyDots!

Amber Matthews, Sponsor - Hope Cole

Jessica Thomas, Sponsor - Hope Cole

Hollie Holloway, Sponsor - Hope Cole

Sandra Fitzsimmons, Sponsor - Lindy Turnbull

Danielle Whitehead, Sponsor - Robin Plott

Team Promotions! KUDDOS!

Happenings this Month:

Build It Big Atlanta: Please join me in Atlanta on Saturday, April 13th for an awesome day of training with the one and only Danielle Redner, VP Training! She is funny and it will be a great day with all the tips to promote! When you have 5 trunk shows between March 1st and April 12th, you will be invited to a special Friday night dinner with Danielle all to yourself! I would love to have everyone of you there! When you register for BIB and sponsor 2 stylists + hit 1500PCV by April 15th, you win the Espresso iKat Jewelry Roll from Home Office!

All Things Hoopla: Congrats to all of you who have registered and decided to build your business big! It's not too late to Early Bird register for our largest event in Vegas, baby! July 15-17. Register by May 5th and win a swag bag with $300 products for fall launch from home office! I have reserved two adjoining rooms. Our rate is $99 per night. Room 1 - Hope, Erin and Kristin. Room 2 - Rebecca, Robin, ?, ? Please let me know if you need a room or plan to go but haven't registered yet. Another little surprise, we have a cabana reserved for Monday morning with 2 other teams for pool time and drinks before the fashion show!!! I will also being doing a team dinner and blow outs and the dry bar as an incentive.

April Sponsoring Special: Reach out to all potential stylists! With an extra $100 in free product credits, who wouldn't want to be in on this amazing opportunity? Just do it!

Don't forget this is Autism Awareness Month. Reach out to all teachers, moms, friends for support of our super cute boutique that benefits HollyRod Foundation.

Get to your local team meeting! These are a great way to meet local stylists, bounce ideas and meet friends who are in the same towns as you working the business! At this month's meeting you will see the new tote line and jewels, scarves in person!

Don't stop tracking for Glam Getaway! Some of you are super close to earning that gorgeous Mini Lookbook Holder! I'm a few thousand points away from the tech tote with a big hairy goal of earning the trip! I'm breaking it down by booking shows to ensure $5k in sales next 3 months and sponsor at least 2 more stylists! What if you did the same? I would love nothing more than having you all beside me in the Puerto Vallarta sand in October!!

Team Incentive

Get ready to be in serious style this Spring! EVERY stylist on our team who hits 1000PCV ($1,538 retail sales) by April 17th will receive their choice in Tory Burch flip flops! Every stylist who sponsors 1 or more new stylists by April 30th will receive our new How Does She Do It tote of their choice! IF you do both, you will receive both gifts, PLUS I will reimburse you for half of the registration fee for Hoopla!! That's flip flops, a new tote and $100 back in your pocket for simply selling, sponsoring and doing what you love! Good Luck!