The FRIDAY Review

December 13, 2019

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • As you may know, SCS has been designated a low performing district. In an attempt to provide support and feedback, a DPI support team will be visiting schools in the district next week.
  • STAFF vs. STUDENT Volleyball GAME - Friday, December 20th @ 9am (Only students that earned their TLC will be able to attend. Students with ISS / OSS during the week are ineligible, as well. PLEASE ANNOUNCE!
  • SIT MTG - CANCELED (12/16)
  • EARLY DISMISSAL Schedule for 12/20/19 - See below.
  • GOT FIELD TRIPS - Due 12/18
  • Receptionist - We are beginning the search for our permanent receptionist. We hope to have someone in place for the new year. We certainly have appreciated Ms. McInnis as she has helped so much in the front office.
  • BEHAVIORS - What is your team doing to curb behaviors NEXT WEEK before Christmas break?
  • PUBLIC WORKS MODULES - Seven staff members still need to complete. Due Jan. 3rd.
  • PARENT CALL - Be sure to call the parent of any student that is written up on the day the referral is submitted. Thanks!
  • HOLIDAY CHECKLIST - Please close your blinds, clean out refrigerators and ensure unneccesary items are unplugged. Food/candy should be secured in closed containers or taken home.
  • MENTOR LOGS - Due 12/18 - You must have at least two sessions with your mentee.
  • BT MEETING - 12/19 @ 4pm (PD2 @ Central Office)
  • INFORCE APP - should be uploaded to devices. Please be patient as the district works out a training schedule to train all personnel. More information will come.
  • Mid Year PDPs should be complete before going home for the holidays. Please go into NCEES and update with details of what has been completed to show that you are working on your goals. You can do a bulleted list...attended school and local PD (Be specific), attended PLCs, Incorporated in my lesson plans, etc.
  • Christmas Spirit - The Sunshine Committee has given us some fun for the 12 days leading to Christmas Break. Don't forget this week...


  • LESSON PLANS - As admin conduct observations and walkthroughs, we are finding outdated lesson plans uploaded. Please update.
  • TWO QUESTIONS - Don't forget HOT questions for EACH Learning Activity.
  • POWER TIME CHANGE - Teachers should be at your DOOR supervising students in and oustide the classroom. Please continue to model reading for our students and ensure they are reading and writing. This will be monitored and feedback given.
  • STAY TUNED - STIPEND - Teachers that participated in the STEM training on August 5th will receive a $125 stipend for your attendance. Coming soon.
  • TARDIES - Arriving late in the morning to your duty station / classroom could result in a serious matter. This will be addressed individually, but be reminded anything can happen without your presence.
  • Would you like to recognize a colleague for their birthday or special occasion for only $10? The rock is up for rental for both students and staff. .
  • NON-NEGOTIABLES - (teach on your feet unless you are conducting small group instruction, cell phones away while students are in your care, while on duty and/or during professional meetings, Praise in public - reprimand in private, SHMS is a no yell zone, students should be supervised at ALL times, the Friday Review and all emails will be read in a timely manner)

From Mrs. Tippett

    • Winter Sports Sign Up
    • 7th, 8th & elective teachers------Please open the athletics spreadsheet below to view game dates & dismissal times for our athletes. You may want to print out a copy so you will know when to send athletes to the gym at the designated time. Please see me or the coach if you have any questions.


    • Please ensure that safety procedures and information are included in all substitute plans.
    • Reminder: A fire drill will be held before leaving for Christmas break. Please make sure the clipboards by your door have updated rosters and are taken out during a fire drill.


    • REQUIRED refresher test training will be Monday, January 6 during the staff meeting. Everyone must attend due to Check-In testing starting on Wednesday, January 8.
    • Please check calculators before leaving for Christmas break and let me know if you need batteries.
    • TENTATIVE Check-In 2 schedule:
    • Science, Wednesday, January 8
    • ELA, Friday, January 10
    • Math, Tuesday, January 14


    • Writing Exam December 11-13, 2019

    • Data is Due December 19, 2019

    Common Assessment

    Writing Exam

    EOG Trackers

    • Lesson Plans: Be reminded to keep Lesson Plans updated. Also, be reminded to add a Passage and Higher Order Thinking Questions.

    • C&I LiveBinder Updates:

      All Livebinders have been updated with any necessary new links to the NCDPI "new and improved" webpage. In addition, all assessment and test spec tabs have been linked directly to a page with the links to the most updated test specs available from DPI. This new page of links will ensure that any changes made to the test specs, by the State, will be automatically updated for us.

      In addition, all NCDPI subject-specific google sites have been added to the live binders, if they were not linked prior. This includes PE/Healthful Living and Spanish.

    • Check-In Kick-Off: More information to come

    • Be sure to visit the site and identify resources. Think outside of the box and use it to enhance what you are already doing

    • Sign up for your free trial!!!

    • Teachers Chosen for the Board Next week are as follows:






      This month's focus is Vocabulary and Higher Order Thinking Questions.

    Upcoming Dates

    December 2019

    • December 16 - SIT Meeting CANCELLED

    • December 16 - Basketball @ HOME

    • December 18 - Field Trips are due

    • December 19 - Smart Lunch Celebration for Deserving Students

    • December 20- ½ Day for Students (noon dismissal)

    • December 20- PBIS Celebration (VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT) 9:00am

    • December 23-January 1 - Christmas Holidays - NO SCHOOL

    Please click the Images below for more information!

    Friday Review information is due to Pam Lewis by Thursdays at 4:00pm at