Computer Parts

Helpful if you are interested in computers.


Below is a system fan, it pulls the heat from the heatsink that is connected to the CPU and gets rid of it out of the computer, because if the CPU gets to hot then the computer will just stop working.

Power Supply

Below is a power supply, it takes power from the power system of your home/office and converts it into power that the computer requires. Different voltages require different quantaties of power because of the different parts in the computer.


Below is a motherboard, it is the main function of a computer, the motherboard is to contain the central processing unit (CPU) and it has every other component of the computer connected to it. It is the 'glue' that holds all portions of the computer together.

Processors (CPU)

Below is a processor, it refers to the part of a computer system which carries out the computer program's instructions. It plays a role similar to that of a brain in the computer. It executes as well as interprets programs, and processes data.

Heat Sink

heat sinks cool down your computer's processor when it runs multiple programs at once. Without a quality heat sink, your computer is at risk of overheating which could destroy your entire computer, costing you alot of money.