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Monday, September 27, 2021

Weekly News

Dear Families,

This will be a short update today. Wow! Thank you so much for attending our Open House tonight!! We had a huge turnout and we are very excited to build on our partnerships with you!! Thank you all for taking the time to come tonight. We hope you were able to learn about all the important aspects of your child's day and how you can help support them with their schoolwork.

We need to reiterate the importance of checking your child for illness symptoms before they come to school. Please be sure to review the Home Screening survey with children at home before they come to school each morning. It is very important to not send children to school with any illness or with medications ingested to reduce symptoms.

Home Screening Protocol

If a child is vomiting or has a fever within 24 hours of school starting they need to stay home. It is also so important that you complete the consent forms for the antigen testing that we do in school. These tests have been helping to keep kids in school. It is very hard to keep kids in school when we are unable to test or reach you for testing. Consent forms are posted on our District website and on the NES page of the District website. Below is a link about the testing, but feel free to contact our nurses at this number 508-228-7290 ext. 2107 or the emails below.

CDC Covid Testing in School

Jessica Douglas

(Substitute nurse through 11/20/21)

Meri Lepore

(Returning 12/1/21)

School pictures will be taken on Wednesday, 9/29. Jane Melville sent an email home last week with all the details. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Jane at 508 228 7290 ext. 2104. Cash or checks will be accepted on picture day.

Last week, the Superintendent, Dr. Beth Hallett, sent a message to all families regarding bikes on school property. It is so important that all bikes and scooters be walked across all sidewalks on campus. This is to protect the safety of all students, staff, and parents standing as well as bike and scooter riders. Please be sure to reiterate to your children that we love their healthy habits of riding to and from school, but they must walk the bikes and scooters on all sidewalks.

We also want to repeat the information that school lunches are once again free for all students for the whole year. You do not need to send money in or put money on your child's account. Each morning the homeroom teacher takes attendance and counts the number of students who want a school lunch. The teachers take that lunch count and share it with our food service department. Kindergarten lunches are delivered to each classroom, and lunches for the first and second graders are passed out in the cafe each day. Linda Peterson is the Food Service Director for NPS. She shared this information in an email to all families before school started. Yet, I have recently been asked the question about lunch costs a few times, so it bares repeating.

Know that Mrs. Kimberly Albertson, Assistant Principal, and myself are always available to support you. Feel free to call the school to set up appointments, call to speak with us, email us, or catch us outside in the morning and/or afternoon. We love feedback and want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us as needed!


Kim Kubisch and Kim Albertson

Upcoming Events


  • NES School Pictures 9/29/21
  • 10/9 and 10/16 - Children's Beach - A free puppet show and art project will be presented at Children’s Beach at 10 am. Rain date the Sunday the 10/10 and 10/17. Griffin Saves His Tree is a book published by the Land Council and created by Maria Zodda. Appropriate for ages 4-10 the runs about 20 min and the art project 15. Learn about our wonderful elms and laugh as Elvira the Elm introduces you to her many tree friends who have been on island for over 100 years. Elvira lives at the Five Corners so you might have seen her already. See at Children’s Beach for a fun time.

Please review this information below.

Nantucket Public Schools has it's most updated Safety Protocols shared with this link -

Great link for supporting healthy habits!