Ven a México!! Come to Mexico!!!

By Kayla Lampe

Places to go there with history!!

Here in Mexico there is lots to see! like the Aztecs temples. In Tepoztlan National Park, south of Mexico City, the small Aztec temple of El Tepozteco sits on a hilltop near the town of Tepoztlan. Even though it might not be the most interesting temple of the Aztecs it is a good spot for people to rest after a jog in the National park.


It is warm in May to October which means that the edges of Mexico is very warm. Hope you bring lots of sunscreen and a lot of water!! Sense in some places of Mexico there is little water.
It is wet in June to September. So make sure to bring a umbrella if your there in though mouths!!


There is a lot of different trees such as Hardwood, coconut palms, gum, almond, fig and olive trees. There is also Mexican restaurants there that are delicious! Called MI México opened Monday to Sunday. Monday to Thursday is 11:00A.M. to 10:00P.M. Friday to Saturday is 11A.M. to 11P.M. and Sundays are 11A.M. to 9:30P.M.


Animals there are the Mexican Treefrog or as some call it in mexico [Smilisca baudinii], Lined Tolucan Ground snake or [Conopsis lineatus] and more!!

But make sure that you watch out for the American Crocodile and Morelet"s Crocodile! If your looking for something less wild I would go for the Chihuahua. there cute and small but have a little voice showen in a big way.