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Vol. 2 No. 15 December 7, 2015

Happy Holidays from Keller ISD Fine Arts!

Keller Central Speech and Debate Results

The Keller Central High School Speech and Debate Team attended the Southlake Carroll High School Dragon Faire Individual Events Qualifying Tournament on November 20-21.

The team earned 2nd Place Overall Sweepstakes

1st Place in Humorous Interpretation Bobby Rochelle

1st Place in Duet Acting Britain Stibora & Bobby Rochelle

2nd Place in Prose Interpretation Braeden Langlois

2nd Place in Poetry Interpretation Blake Grissom

6th Place in Duet Acting Katy Roberson and Hayley Dugan

Semifinalists in Humorous Interpretation: Emma Brenna, Blake Grissom, Evan Glazier, Delaney Brinkely, and Britain Stibora

Semifinalists in Dramatic Interpretation: Delaney Brinkley and Blake Grissom

Semifinalists in Prose Interpretation: Lauren Ward

Quarterfinalist in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate Megan Hertz

Also competing and contributing to the team’s 2nd Place Sweepstakes: Luke Gary, Andre Williams, Asa Jones, Arayla Littlejohn, Camryn Schepps, Tanner Worley and Caleb Chasteen.

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Monday, December 7

High School All-Region Band Auditions, Phase II

Florence Elementary Winter Choir and Chimes Concert, 9:30 am/6:30 pm

Lone Star Elementary 4th Grade Play, 2:00 pm/6:00 pm

KISD Strings Academy Beginning Orchestra Concert, 6:00 pm, Admin Building

KISD Strings Academy Intermediate/Advanced Orchestra, 7:30 pm, Admin Building

Fossil Ridge Presents "Mary Poppins" 7:00 pm

Tuesday, December 8

CTI Winter Band Concert @ FRHS, 5:30 pm

TMIS Winter Choir Concert @ TMIS, 6:00 pm

KMS/BCI Winter Band Concert @ KHS Auditorium, 6:00 pm

FHMS Winter Band Concert @ FRHS, 6:15 pm

HMS/PHIS Winter Band Concert @ Northwood Church, 6:30 pm

KISD Strings Academy Young Violinists Concert, 7:00 pm, Admin Building

Thursday, December 10

Bette Perot Elementary "Lion King" 6:00 pm

PHIS Choir Winter Concert, 6:30 pm

Timber Creek High School presents "Guys and Dolls" 7:00 pm

ISMS Choir Winter Concert, 7:00 pm

Keller Central Choir Winter Concert, 7:00 pm

CTI Choir Winter Concert, 6:00 pm

Basswood Elementary 3rd Grade Winter Program, 6:30 pm

Keller High School Band Winter Concert, 7:00 pm

FRHS/FMS Percussion Ensemble Concert, 7:00 pm

Friday, December 11

Timber Creek High School presents "Guys and Dolls" 7:00 pm

Keller High School Madrigal Gala, 6:30 pm

TSMS Choir Winter Concert @ Cornerstone Church, 7:00 pm

FHMS Choir Winter Concert @ FRHS, 7:00 pm

TSMS "On Strike" 7:00 pm

Saturday, December 12

Timber Creek High School presents "Guys and Dolls" 2:00 pm/7:00 pm

Middle School All-Region Band Concert @ Saginaw High School

All-Region Orchestra Concert @ Byron Nelson

New Direction High School "Winter Wonderland" 10:00 am

Keller High School Madrigal Gala, 6:30 pm

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