heart desiese

noncomminucal desiese

talking about what i am doing

this is going to be about heart disease the noncommunicable disease

about heart disease

heart disease is caused by a substance called plaque building around the walls of an artery and preventing blood to flow through your body and if too much plaque builds up then the arteries that and the part of the heart muscle that supplies the blood to that artery begins to die

other kinds of heart disease

there are other kinds of heart disease one is heart failure and when you get heart failure it don't mean that your heart stops beating it just means that the heart isn't pumping blood as good as it should

more kinds of heart disease

another kind of heart disease is an arrhythmia what an arrhythmia does is it makes you heart beat abnormally so it can beat too fast or too slaw

heart valve problems

if you have heart valve problems then that means that a valve isn't opening up as much as it should so the blood doesn't flow to and from the heart as well as it should this is also known as stenosis
Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1)