Middle School Weekly Newsletter

February 24, 2023

A Note from Mrs. Patterson

Happy Friday!

We have several celebrations to share today!

First, let's congratulate our Teacher of the Month for February, Ms. Kathy Kendrick!!

Next, give it up for our Students of the Month for February! You can see them all in the list below.

We have also selected our Teacher and Student of the Year for 2022-2023.

Our Teacher of the Year is Ms. Joanna Keller, 6th grade ELA teacher. Ms. Keller has been a rockstar this school year. For those of you who were with us last year, you know that SCVCS participated in a HUGE change in our technology tools, and Ms. Keller was at the forefront of those changes. She volunteered to be on just about every team to learn our new tools and programs and she has helped all of the teachers at SCVCS learn how to use all of our new tools. She's also an awesome teacher and her students love her!

Our Student of the Year is Hannah (Faith) Lee. Hannah is an 8th grader at SCVCS and she is an excellent student and an awesome person. Hannah is always in live classes, saying good morning and willing to help her classmates. She participates in a fundraiser each year riding her bicycle to raise money for childhood cancer. She is also a student Ambassador for our school district. We are super proud of Hannah!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. P

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Weekly Assignments Calendars are available by team. Your child's team number can be found at the top of their schedule that you received from the counselor. You can also tell this from Schoology. Find the student's homeroom class on the student's Courses page. The section number is their team number. We are trying out a new format. I hope you like it!

Weekly Assignment Calendars

Assignments are due on the date shown on the assignment calendar. Students have until Sunday at midnight of that week to submit these assignments for full credit. After that, students will have one additional week to submit work for 80% credit. After two weeks, assignments will close.

Elective class assignments can be found on the Assignment Calendars found inside of the course.

Sensational Salamanders

Today, we have a story written by Sabirah H in the 8th grade. This is a great story!

Want to share some original artwork, poetry, short story, or something else creative that you do? Send it to Mrs. Patterson at mpatterson@scvcs.org. It must by your own original work!

A Lesson In Humility

Hello everybody! I would like to share a story about humility with you and why you

should stay humble and keep your hands off the high horse. To put it simply; the word

humility means to be a modest person, to remain humble and grounded.

Sadly, sometimes as humans we forget to stay humble and have humility with ourselves

and those around us.

We often forget that God created everyone equally and that we should love our

neighbors, take care of those around us, and stay true to the truth. It’s in our human

nature to act selfishly or stupidly because we often believe that we are better than

someone else or know better than we really do.

Every once in a while, we are taken off of our high horse and reminded that we should

stay humble and never think we’re too good to be taught a lesson.

And that’s where today’s - well more like yesterday’s story takes us.

Yesterday evening, I was sitting on my older sister’s bed while it was misting rain

outside. I didn’t know what to do since none of the youtubers I watch uploaded anything,

my friend wasn’t online because she was working, and I wasn’t ready to start writing

another story yet. I thought about taking an I.Q test to see how smart I am. I will now

make a point to mention that I was fully aware in the beginning that I’m not the brightest

bulb in the drawer. I just wanted to see where I’d fall on the graph of intelligence.

I know that most I.Q tests online are fakes and don’t really mean anything, so I went

with the safest option: The Mensa I.Q Test. It’s a test that has puzzle-like exercises, it’s

about 35 puzzles and you have somewhere around 25-minutes to complete the entire


The thing about this story that really sticks out is that in the article above the test, it says

you need to be a minimum of 16-years old before you take Mensa. I figured that I knew

better than the professionals and decided that if I rounded my current, it would count.

But that’s not how life works at all. I soon regretted that decision, as you will soon find

out in this story.

At first, things were pretty simple and straightforward. Even though the “questions” on

the test weren’t formatted the way I’m used to seeing questions formatted in school, I

quickly caught on and started to solve the puzzles. Trouble began to appear over the

horizon a few puzzles into the quest. It started to get harder and harder and I began to

get nervous that I might not be able to solve the problems.

I noticed myself getting frustrated and restless because I got tired of answering the

questions and didn’t understand them anymore. Soon enough, I began to quickly scan

over the grids and the answers without paying very much attention to details or anything

else. In the back of my mind, I could hear the voices of various teachers telling me and

my classmates that “Slow and steady wins the race!” and “Don’t rush to get stuff done,

take your time and you’ll succeed.” but I pushed it to the back burner and kept up my


I sat there proudly as I waited on the results to appear on the screen, but my once

prideful soul melted into a goopy, sad, embarrassed mess as I read the result. It said my

I.Q level was “68”, I knew it was inaccurate because I rushed to finish the test instead of

taking my time to figure it out, but I wanted to rush because I thought it’d be best to rush

ahead instead of taking out the time to attempt to make an understanding.

Had I listened to my teachers, the instructions on the Mensa test, and logical thinking, I

would not have failed the test, or at least gotten a higher score.

In a way, I’m happy I got humbled because it taught me that slow and steady does

indeed win the race, despite what you and I might’ve thought before I shared this story

with you. Getting humbled and retaught an important lesson is a necessary part of life

and it’s okay to make mistakes, but you must learn from in order for it to count.

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Baylee B, Chrisette G, Trenton J, Brennan P, Savannah S, Israel S

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Matthew B, Pressly C, Jael H, Angel J, Jamie L

Counseling Corner

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February 27 - March 3 - Motivation and Resilience

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More information about job shadowing information is available in your homeroom class in Schoology and the email about job shadowing from your counselor.

8th Grade IGP Meetings

We are holding IGP (Individual Graduation Plan) Meetings for 8th graders to discuss career goals and choose classes for 9th grade. Please schedule a meeting using the link in the IGP email from the counselor.

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Friday, March 10th at 10:00 am (link will be shared next week)

Topics: Re-Registration, Grade Level Promotion

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