International Marketing

Doughnuts on the street

Product Description

I will own a food truck in Greece; this means that I will be selling food on wheels. How will this work? I will prepare the dough and other stuff early in the morning. Later on in the morning I will be selling my food to customers in a commercial area. This could mean in a University, the parks. or anywhere else that there are lots of people. My product will include a fryer in the inside, a washing station (sink, and running water) and other things that will make my food truck look unique through the inside and outside.

Foreign and Business Environment


Since this will be something new in Greece starting with the food truck, I believe that we will not be exporting our doughnuts anywhere out of Athens, Greece. We will wait after two years to see if it all goes well, if it does then these doughnuts can be exported to different parts of Europe. The geography of places that they will be exported is that many of those people are willing to try something new and give it a try so i doubt that people wouldn't try thee doughnuts.


- A lot of fat

- Not healthy

Economic Conditions

The economy is hitting everyone badly so people might not like to buy doughnuts from a different part of Europe. Since this is something that will be shipped in Europe and it is food that needs to be eaten warm, them express shipping will have to be used. And I don't think that some people would like to pay more on shipping then on what the doughnut is worth. So certain people would only like to do this.


- People who don't eat pig

I don't think that this product will bother anyone except for people who are vegan because we will not be using pork items. But what we will be using will be items that animals make, like milk and other ingredients.

Market Potential

Customers: I believe that this product can be sold to any person that is willing to try something new that hasn't been done in this country. My usual customers will be adolescents and young people.

Methods: using flyers and online ads

Sales: If a big doughnut company makes $500k in one year then, my company should make at least a quarter of what they make because it is something new.There really isn't a lot of competition because the doughnuts that I will be making are more colorful and unique then the traditional greek doughnuts.


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