A Trip to Australia

A trip in Sydney, New south Wales.

Things to do in Sydney (problem & solution)

Do you feel stressed out & need some time to relax? If you are, than you should go on a trip to Sydney. In Sydney, there are plenty of things to do. You can go to the beach, Blue Mountains National Park, Taronga Zoo, & other fun things to do. So next time you need a vacation, go to Sydney, New South Wales.

Where to eat in Sydney (cause & effect)

Sydney has many great restaurants offering many different types of cuisine. For example, they have Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, & Mediterranean. Trying new foods from around the world could surprise you. You have the opportunity to try foods you have never tasted before. This could help you become less picky, and get you out of the habit of always eating the same things.

How to get around Sydney. (compare & contrast)

If you want to get around Sydney, but also want to save money, you should rent an Economy car that's $27/day. If you compare this car to an Intermediate car, you'll find that the economy gives a better deal. They both have plenty of seats, but the Intermediate costs more. If you were going on a trip by yourself, you would be paying $30/day for an extra seat & air bag that you don't need. You should rent the Economy car because you'd be paying less for extras you don't need.

How to get to Sydney (sequence)

If you're going from Houston to Sydney, you should get a plane ticket for United. The plane will be leaving at 7:45 pm. You'll take a 3 hour flight to Los Angeles. Once there, the plane will take a 1 hour stop.When that's over, it'll be a 15 hour flight & you'll be in Sydney at 7:50 am.

What items to bring (description)

If you're going on a trip you should be prepared. If your going to Sydney you should bring a phone, phone charger, sunscreen, hand-sanitizer, & band-aids. Some items you can bring but don't need is a pair of headphones, an I-pad, a laptop, & movies. You'll need hand-sanitizer because you might get your hands filthy & there's no sinks nearby.You don't need an I-pad, laptop, or movies because they're just for entertainment. You need a phone so you can take pictures or call someone.

Weather in Sydney (question & answer)

What's the weather like in Australia? In Australia, the weather is the opposite of our weather. For example, if it's Spring where we're at, it's Autumn for them. So if you want warm & sunny weather, you should go there in Fall or Winter. If you want colder weather, you should go during Spring or Summer.

How long you should stay (problem & solution)

Do you want to go on a trip to Sydney, but don't know how long you should stay? If the answer is yes, than you should stay for a week. there are several reasons you should stay for a week. If you stay for a week, you'll have enough time to look around & try new things. Also, you'll only stay for a few days, so you don't have to worry so much about your house.

Where to stay (cause & effect)

If your looking for a place to stay, then go to the Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport hotel. A good night's rest & some good breakfast will have you ready for going to all the places you'll go. They also have free wi-fi & internet so you can check the news. They also have a fitness center & pool so you can stay active. There's also a restaurant if you can't find anywhere else to eat. Those are just some of the benefits of staying at Stamford Plaza.