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Digital Newsletter - April 2021

Elementary School

Tim Reber, Elementary Maintenance Supervisor, was Nominated for the Annie Sullivan Award

In April Mr. Tim Reber, Head Maintenance at Oley Valley Elementary School, was nominated for the Annie Sullivan Award. The award is sponsored by the Berks County Intermediate Unit and nominees are individuals who encourage the understanding and promotion of students with disabilities in their school or community.

Mr. Reber has all the qualities one would desire in an employee: hardworking, dedicated, creative, kind, caring, student-centered, humble, and friendly. But one area that amazes everyone is his ability to problem solve any situation presented to him. Mr. Reber has used his professional/personal skills and talents as well as his mechanical abilities to assist all students in the building, but more importantly, students with disabilities.

Mr. Reber is the person to call when something needs built or adapted to assist a student. A few of his creations include: building chairs that allow students correct posture and the ability to stay engaged in regular education classrooms, constructing a portable bathroom and changing area in a second floor room to allow two handicapped students the convenience of a location close to their classroom, and creating a mobile cleaning cart to allow a student to have job embedded opportunities throughout the building.

Over the years Mr. Reber has mentored numerous students, and through his kindness and positivity, he has helped many students overcome trauma, anxiety, and low self-esteem. This year, even despite the concerns of COVID 19, Mr. Reber has connected with a fifth grade student who was experiencing high levels of anxiety and would not leave his mother when being dropped off in the morning. Mr. Reber came out to assist and quickly made a professional and personal connection with the student. Mr. Reber discussed different types of tools and projects that he needed assistance with, quickly gaining the student’s attention and trust. The student worked with Mr. Reber at different times throughout the day and after school. The connection Mr. Reber built with this student was the piece that was missing to help the student transition into the building. The connection built by Mr. Reber with this student, and many others in the past, has provided a trusting and safe environment that students need to be successful in school.

Mr. Reber personifies everything that is found in a great educator. His character is exemplified through his willingness to assist others, friendly face and demeanor, and his ability to make connections with students. Most importantly, he is a person willing to go the extra mile to assist any student in need. There is nothing that Mr. Reber would not do to see that a student has everything they need to be successful.

Congratulations Mr. Reber on your nomination for the Annie Sullivan Award! The Oley Valley Elementary School and Oley Valley School District community are honored to have you as part of the team.

Middle School

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This School Year - Collaborating Across Borders Program

This school year, 7th grade social studies teacher, Colleen Breen has been a part of the Teacher Collaborating Across Borders Program. On Saturday, April 10th, Mazzy Schell, Derek Davis, Ben Reed, Natalie Boyd, Colin Brown, Ava Walter, Kaitlyn Wagner, June Grim, Cheyenne Walsh, Tucker Tipsword, and Brayden Samuelson participated in a virtual meeting with students from Puerto Rico and Bedouin students living in Israel and their respective teachers.

Students shared customs and traditions from their respective communities. This program is sponsored by The University of Arizona, University of North Carolina and Duke University.

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Creative Writing Class Dips into the Digital World

Creative Writing II is dipping their toes in the world of digital illustration and storytelling by developing their own webcomics with the help of professional artist Mei Rothschild. The project is funded by the OVCEF, and they plan to publish their final projects at the end of April! Here are some pictures of their processes and the meet and greet with Mei.

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Oley Valley High School 3rd Quarter Distinguished Honors

Grade 12

Camille Bertin

Paul Bonargo

Amy Chen

Brynn Donoff

Bridget Higgins Haas

Aidan Hussar

Dylan Kelly

Matthew Knowles

Wesley Martin

Parker Sarge

Myrra Small

Jackson Smith

Matthew Stahl

Bryan Wagner

Zain Wegman

Grade 11

Kelsey Biehn

Samantha Field

Aaron Grim

Kristina Kauffman

Gretchen Kimmel

Freya Oesterle

Andrew Truong

Julie Weidman

Grade 10

Joelle Glick

Grade 9

Charlie Donoff

Cheyenne Endy

Griffen Freed

Victoria Grim

Lauren Habakus

Sean Hoffman

Jessica Howard

Faith Meals

Lorelei Obst

Emily Seidel

Molly Shueman

David Turchi

Jonathan Turchi

Taylor Vaccaro

Mahlon Weidner

Ryanne Wheeler

Oley Valley High School 3rd Quarter High Honors

Grade 12

Grace Good

William Jackson

Makenzie Kramer

Daniel Lefko

Kylie Mossie

Stacia Musser

Drew Rubendall

Grade 11

Abigail Angelisanti

Alice Bogia

Kaziah Cullen

Hannah Gollwitzer

Ava Lottig

Luke Macdonald

Madison Robb

Lydia Simchick

Daniel Turchi

Joseph Vaccaro

Josey Williamson

Grade 10

Jakob Bolig

Mary Carl

Kyra Dragan

Allison Hassler

Bethany Hauck

Samantha Malone

Isaiah Meals

Siera Pekuri

Carli Ronco

Laila Rothermel

Chase Rubendall

Abigail Thompson

Wyatt Ulsh

Tetje Williamson

Jeron Zimmerman

Grade 9

Elin Bogia

Bode Brewer

Alizarin Capeland

Erin Day

Kenneth Derr

Vincent Dick

Nathan Firek

Ethan Johnson

Noah Kelly

Robert Kowalski

Enyer Llovera

Dana Messner

Brooks Muir

Jaela Mulholland

Zachary Reinert

Molly Rothenberger

Hunter Schlegel

Morgan Snyder

Sophia Touti

Joshua Wagner

Jack Wilkinson

Alvia Witt

Mia Woodard

Oley Valley High School 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

Grade 12

Ashlyn Augustine

Lilly Glick

Taylor Grim

Morgan Hillegas

Aydia Karas

Asa Lackey

Ethan Liskey

Carly McCulley

Elaine Mortimer

Grace Prout

Evan Solley

Samantha Vaccaro

Autumn Wolf

Grade 11

Katy Bill

Summer Bortz

Rian Daniels

Graham Gernerd

Andrew McMullen

Natalie Muir

Abigail Reinert

Samuel Repko

Kendall Rohrbach

Kylie Sanders

Corbin Teeters

Lia Vocu

Kelsey Wyatt

Grade 10

Makayla Geist

Ethan Hack

Kendall Harwell

Lillian Hetrick

Meghan Higgins-Haas

Jaden Kelly

Cordelia Knarr

Katie Kowalski

Alexandra Lopez

Jordan Miles

Isaac Nye

Isaiah Salen

Lauren Schaeffer

Jacob Touti

Ty Wamsher

Grade 9

Kaylee DeLong

Aiden Depue

Logan Ernst

John Groves

Alexis Keppel

Adrienne Kline

Kayla Lanphear

Lily McCulley

Megan McElderry

Lucas Pleva

Arabella Reinert

Colin Remmel

Allison Riley

Kora Sanders

Olivia Scatamacchia

Brianna Schittler

Carter Smith

Katelyn Weaver

Agriculture Education News

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Oley Valley FFA Chapter Officers (from left to right: Tyler Swett, Julie Weidman, Sydney Trimbur, Addison Arrowsmith, Kendall Rohrbach, Nick Guldin, Grace Prout, Morgan Hillegas).

Oley Valley FFA's 89th Annual Parent-Member Awards Ceremony

On Thursday, April 8, the Oley Valley FFA was able to hold their 89th annual parent-member awards ceremony at the Oley Valley High School Auditorium. The awards ceremony was led by the chapter president Morgan Hillegas and officer team, who, along with the chapter advisors, devoted a plentiful amount of time and effort to properly execute the ceremony. At the awards ceremony, the Oley Valley FFA was able to honor the hard work and dedication of students, staff, and community members in a myriad of ways beginning with community member recognition. This year, the owners of Oley Valley Feed, Kevin and Jane Guldin were recognized and honored by our chapter. Kevin and Jane have been large supporters of our organization, allowing us to fundraise through the feed store’s events which require concessions. They even allowed us to hold our annual greenhouse plant sale at the feedstore as we were not able to host it at the school given the circumstances following the start of the pandemic. Following community member recognition was the honorary membership ceremony where two individuals were selected to receive honorary membership. The first of the two individuals is Mrs. Gina Finnerty, the principal at the Oley Valley High School. Mrs. Finnerty has been a great help to our chapter and helps us to plan and execute many of our events. The second individual to receive honorary membership was Mr. Joe Seidel. Throughout the pandemic, Joe was a tremendous asset to the Agriculture department. He worked hard to keep up with the responsibilities of the FFA wing while nobody else could. This involved taking care of the greenhouse plants and aquaponics system as well as looking after the FFA’s turtles and duck. We are very proud to have both Mrs. Gina Finnerty and Mr. Joe Seidel as honorary members. Following the Honorary Membership Ceremony was door prizes. Several community members and businesses were generous enough to donate prizes for this year’s raffle. Guests at the awards ceremony then purchased tickets to enter in the raffle. All proceeds go to the chapter’s trip to Indianapolis, Indiana for the National Convention. Next, Mr. Deysher and Mrs. Rice, our chapter advisors, were welcomed to the stage to present FFA Chapter awards to the students in FFA. A multitude of plaques and prizes were given out including those for academic achievement, public speaking, and FFA degrees. Two graduated FFA members were also recognized for earning their American Degree, the highest attainable FFA degree. To wrap up the awards ceremony, guests were encouraged to sit back and relax to enjoy a video put together by our chapter secretary, Addison Arrowsmith, encapsulating our memories made throughout this crazy year.

Julie Weidman

Chapter Reporter

Faculty News

Congratulations Ms. Lori Berryman!

I am happy to announce that I'll be presenting at the Berks County Core Connections to Instruction and Technology Conference run through the BCIU in June!

Ms. Lori Berryman, English Department

Congratulations Mr. Jason Moll!

Mr. Jason Moll, High School Biology Teacher, is presenting a lesson plan that he developed to a showcase of other users at the National Anatomage Conference for Science. Normally the conference is held in a city in the Midwest, however this year it will be done virtually during the week of June 14th.

BCIU Core ZZConnections

Dr. Tracy Shank, Superintendent, Gina Finnerty, OVHS principal, and Jenn Hoffman, K8 STEM integration teacher, will be presenting at the Core Connections for Instruction and Technology Conference through the Berks County Intermediate Unit on June 15 and June 16. The focus will be on developing and sustaining teacher leadership through a culture of empowerment to create learning experiences that are meaningful to students. The trio will share their perspectives in two separate sessions designed for administrators seeking strategies for encouraging and supporting teacher leadership and aspiring leaders embracing opportunities for greater responsibility in their schools.

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5/1/21 – Jr/Sr Prom

5/2/21 – Teacher Appreciation Week – Thank you to all teachers!

5/12/21 – School Board - Combined Committee Meeting 7:00 PM

5/17/21 – HS Academic Awards 7:00 PM

5/19/21 – School Board – Regular Meeting 7:00 PM

5/24/21 – All-Sports & Senior Awards 7:00 PM

5/28/21 – Schools are Closed – No Students or Faculty

5/31/21 – Schools are Closed – Memorial Day Holiday

6/4/21 – Student last day – Half day for all students

6/4/21 – Graduation Ceremony 7:00 PM

6/7/21 - Rain Date for Graduation Ceremony 7:00 PM

Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

For families and students who may experience homelessness, information on the McKinney-Vento Act is available on the Oley Valley School District Website or see below.

OVSD Homeless Liaison and Unaccompanied Youth Contact:

Mia K. Pietsch, M.Ed

Director of Student Services

Oley Valley School District

17 Jefferson Street Oley, PA 19547

610. 987.4100 ext. 1187 or ext. 1188


Please Visit the Sites below for information:

Oley Valley School District Board of Directors

David R. Pollock Jr., President

Robert A. Heckman, Vice President

Dawn Zackon, Treasurer

Eric Clemmer, Member

Nancy Jackson, Member

Darrell L. Markley, Ed.D., Member

Mary Lou Parry, Member

Ralph Richard, Member

Stuart Salen, Member

John M. Stott, Esquire, Board Solicitor

Maria H. Jones, Board Secretary, non-member

Oley Valley School District

The Oley Valley School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator who fully and actively supports equal access for all people regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Gender, Age, National Origin, Veteran Status, Disability, Genetic Information or Testing, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression and prohibits Retaliation against individuals who bring forth any complaint, orally or in writing, to the employer or the government, or against any individuals who assist or practice in the investigation of any complaint, or otherwise oppose discrimination. Compliance issues/questions should be directed to the Office of the Superintendent.