OLLD Times

Issue 4 Volume 15.16

Getting to Know the Department

Patrick Papillion (MacArthur High School)

MacArthur pride never dies! My name is Patrick Papillion and I am a paraprofessional in the Online Learning Lab at MacArthur Senior High School since day one, at “Big Mac” as we call it. I have been given a strong sense of responsibility of upholding the standards of giving students here my best in helping them achieve their goals. The first big step in life is getting a high school diploma.

I’ve been working in Aldine ISD now for the last two years. My first step was at Benjamin O Davis Senior High School in the SAC room. I was honored to work under Dr. Price who showed me how discipline and educate students. Under his leadership he showed me how to properly interact and correct students that made poor choices, but most of all, motivate those students academically.

This past summer I became closer to my own personal goals, finishing my degree in education. I wanted to get closer to a traditional classroom setting; therefore, I am also taking online classes. When the position opened up the Online Learning Lab, I became interested.

I’m very thankful to Mrs. Guerra who gave me the opportunity to work at Big Mac. I am also very thankful to the wonderful team I work with. They have welcomed me with open arms in the lab. By helping these students take small steps in achieving their goal of graduating is a priceless experience. MacArthur pride never dies!

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Shanaya's Corner

Virtual School Updates

Thank you to all the lab teachers and VS teachers for working collaboratively to ensure that our students successfully progress through their courses. Remember that the lab teachers are still responsible for helping the initial credit students. Lab teachers can reset and/or open tests and quizzes for their initial credit students. However, the final exam must be opened by the Virtual School teacher.

Isabel has been delivering a poster with the Virtual Teachers' information to the labs. Please display this poster on your lab so students know who their VS teachers are and how to contact them. Also, the link to the VS survey is there, please make sure that all your IC students complete this survey. She will complete delivering these posters this week.

Erin's Corner

Edgenuity Updates

There were several issues with Edgenuity that arose last week. We are working closely with Edgenuity to rectify these issues as soon as possible. We are still working on fixing the grade weights for the courses, and we will let you know when those are set correctly.

There were pretests for some of the initial credit courses that should not have them. Edgenuity has already corrected those and you should not see pretests for any initial credit course.

Thank you for everyone for having patience and being flexible while we rectify these issues. If you see anything out of the ordinary, please contact Erin (ermcpheters@aldineisd.org) and Isabel (ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org)

Student Course Completions!

These are the students who have completed courses this week alone! The list grows by the hour!

  • Congratulations to Mr. Brighton Chou (Eisenhower Senior High School) for having five completions this week!
  • Congratulations Katherine Coleman (Eisenhower Senior High School) for having four completions this week!

*If you have a student who has completed by September 28th and is not shown on the list, please contact Isabel Hejazi (ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org)

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Student Withdrawals

Please take a moment to compare your SMS roster and your Online Tracking Forms. Remember that if a student is not on your SMS roster, you must select 'withdraw' from the Online Tracking Form drop-down menu.

Also, if you had already assigned a course for a student that has withdrawn your class, make sure that you disable the course in Edgenuity. This will ensure that our data and completion percentages are accurate.

Motivational Display

During my school visits, I have seen some great motivational displays where teachers are keeping track of students progress or course completions.

This is one of the non-negotiables that I will be checking during my walk-throughs. These displays do not have to be intricate or complicated. You can integrate the pictures of the students who have completed courses to your daily presentation. You can also create a display on one of your boards where you place the name of the students who have completed courses. Please look below for pictures of these displays in the Online Learning Labs.

Isabel's Observation and Debriefs

I have already been observing several labs the past two weeks and I will continue to observe in the following weeks. I will come into the lab and look for several non-negotiables in the classroom (daily presentation, the use of the Tracking Tools, motivational display, no cell phones present, no visible food/drink, etc). Then, I will gather data from the students and ask students several questions.

I typically ask the students what their actual grade is and what their completion percentage is. This will let me know if students are aware of their progress. Furthermore, I ask the students what the protocol is when they do not pass a quiz or a test. I also ask them if the teacher requires his/her notes when reseting an assignment and/or a quiz.

After I finish with the observation, I will send teachers an email with the observation notes and following that email I will send an invitation for a debrief. During the debrief, we will discuss what was seen during the observation. We will determine a plan of action if improvement is needed. During this debrief, feel free to let me know if something was present and I did not see it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org)

PLC Meeting for October

I have sent emails to those teachers who were not able to be present on our PLC meeting in September. This email has a video attachment of the meeting where you can view everything that was discussed during the meeting. If you were unable to attend and did not receive the video, please let me know so I can send it to you.

The PLC Meeting for October will be on Thursday, October 15th at 3:30 pm. Please mark your calendars!

Helping Students and Retakes

Teachers must follow the policy created in order to help students with their quizzes and tests.

1. There is NO help during pretests

2. There is NO help during 1st attempt at a quiz or a test

3. Teacher can help students on 2nd attempt at a quiz or a test

  • Student must provide thorough notes before getting help from the teacher
  • Teacher must demonstrate his/her thought process on how to arrive to the answer WITHOUT telling them the right answer
  • Teacher can tell students which questions they have wrong

4. Students are allowed up to 3 retakes on assignments or quizzes

5. Students are only allowed 2 retakes on a cumulative exam

Who do I contact?

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Events Coming Up

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There are many teachers doing wonderful things in their labs that not everybody gets to see. Thus, we will use this section to celebrate great teachers.

If you would like to add a Shout-Out to a teacher or anybody in the Online Learning Department, please email Shout-Outs to ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org

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