Endangered Black Spider Monkeys!

Atles paniscus

The Problem

The Black Spider Monkey is being hunted by humans which is killing thier population. We need to stop. Another reason is becuase of deforestaion thier habitats are being destroyed which is killing thier population. WE NEED TO SAVE THEM!!!!!!!
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Physical and Behavioral adaptations.

They have long lanky arms so they can swift through the branches. it has a postive affect because they can move easily through the forest. Also, they have a powerful grip even though they dont have a thumb. it has a postive affect because since they hang out on the canopy they wont slip and fall. They do not really like humans. They get agitated when they are around humans because some are illegaly hunting them. It has a negative effect becuase we wont be able to get their coopareation and move them, so they are not endanger. Plus, the hang out in groups of 2-3 dozen. They sleep and hunt in dozens also. It will have a postive affect because if we move all of them together they will be happy.

Food Web

This is the food web of the Black Spider Monkey and animals, and trees its habitat!
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Native Plants

Top Right: Native French Guiana Tree

Top Left: Native Vine that Monkeys swing from tree to tree with.

Bottom Left: Native Mango Tree

Bottom Right: Native Canopy Leaves

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New Habitat.

This is the Black Spider Monkeys new habitat at the zoo. It has mango trees as its main source of food, and water from fruits. Also, has Canopy leaves, so it has a hangout place. There is 3 dozen other monkeys, so they can hunt and sleep together. Plus, it is protected, so no one is trying to hunt them. It has plenty of French Guiana trees and vines, so it can swing from tree to tree. It also has jaguars, natural predators for the monkeys, and plenty of insects for the monkeys to eat. Also, its temperature is 73.1 degrees just like home!

Dev Zoks