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1. Summarize the plot elements. -Jacob

The story starts out with showing how they are poor, and how they got into the position they are in. It tells how he got a pay-cut at work. The rising action of the plot is when Della cuts off all her hair to buy Jim's present. The climax would be when Jim gives her the brushes. This is when the story seems to change. The falling is action is Della giving him the chain, and her finding out he sold the watch. This is when everything settles down. On page 5, Dell says "let's put our Christmas presents away and keep em awhile." The Conclusion is when the narrator is talking to the reader about them being the magi, and how they are wise.

2. Describe the main characters. -Chyna

Jim sold his watch so when della gave him his gift he couldn’t use it and Della sold her hair so when she got he gift she couldn't use it right then

They are both poor so they couldn't afford gifts for each other without selling something of their own

Man vs Self

Man vs Society

3. Illustrate the theme -Matthew

The theme of the piece is Love, as they’re both poor, and they both sold their most precious belongings to buy something for their lover Della goes and sells her hair, to buy a watch band for Jim, as Jim sells his watch to buy Della combs for her hair