Commercial Diver

By: Jimmy Edelmayer

Specific Tasks

Work below surface of water, use scuba gear to inspect, repair, remove or install equipment and structures. They also conduct tests or experiments, rig explosives, or photograph structures or marine life

Salary and Education Required

The salary range for a commercial diver is between $29,270 and $84,370. To become a commercial diver, you need to either have vocational school, an associate's degree, or a bachelor's degree
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Skills Required

To be a commercial diver, you need strong skills in active listening, critical thinking, operation monitoring, speaking and time management

Additional Training

Employees in these occupations usually need one or two years of training involving both on-the-job experience and informal training with experienced workers
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Amount of Hours of Work per Week and Physical Activity Required

Commercial divers don't have a set amount of work per week, it just really depends on what kind of project they are working on. Commercial divers need to be able to dive and use various pieces of equipment

Working Conditions

Commercial divers work underwater all the time. There are times where it could be potentially dangerous for a diver. For example when they are rigging explosive
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You need to love to dive!

Specific Education Programs, Universities, Associate Degree

College of Oceaneering, Divers Academy International, Divers Institute of Technology, Louisiana Technical College, Ocean Corporation, and Santa Barbra City College

Current Employment Trends

There are about 3,040 commercial divers in the United States. About 31% of those divers work on heavy and civil engineering construction


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